two login names..

Here I am, returning tot he SDMB after a year, hopefully a bit less ignorant by now and a bit better with my English but obviously still no good at remembering passwords… or usernames in this case.
I had forgotten my old username (this one) and only remembered the password. So daft girl set up a new account namely mingbird.
That s when I remembered my old username… the second account is not enabled yet, will it automatically disappear after a while or do you have to delete it?
Doh, what a good start I am making AGAIN…
sorry about that


Welcome back, BornDodgy!

Creating a second login is normally a cardinal sin at the SDMB. Since you’ve been upfront about it, and since the name hasn’t been used yet, we can let it slide for this once, though.
We’ll disable the new username.

Feel free to send booze and chocolate to the Chicago Reader. :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile:

I am afraid I am too short on money to send booze at the moment… I ll work on it. Promise


Cambridge? Are you in America or the UK now? You were in Germany before, right?

Welcome back.