Two monkeys in the jungle

According to the Chinese zodiac, it’s the Year of the Monkey until early Feb.

Just found out today that China Wife is not only expecting on 27 January, but there are two buns in the oven.

Ultrasound analysis says a pretty good chance of one boy, and the other one is at the wrong angle to tell.

Dang, I was thinking it’s been 4 years but China Wife’s tummy is showing a lot more than I remember from last time. I guess the Doc said she looke like 5 months along when she walked in rather than 3.5 months.

Anyhoo, happy but a little overwhelmed. Not yet adjusted to the fact that not only is my life changing, but it’s gonna change twice as much. China Bambina is pretty excited to have two siblings for the price of one.

I’m sure I’ll be starting more threads, but any parents of twins out there? Any hints for a newbie? Thanks


I don’t have any kids but I’ve always wanted to have twins.


…and please don’t dress them in identical clothes, or give them rhyming names.

Let me add my congrats!

We had 3 kids within 5 years and still cannot imagine raising twins. Obviously it’s doable, I mean people all over the world raise twins but - wow! Best of luck to you and China Lady. Keep us posted!

Cool beans.

Congratulations on the pending monkeys! I’ve heard that we’re a joy to raise!

Thanks for the replies.

Hoping to discover some parents of twins on the board for some war stories and pointers.

Rest assured, not going to go for “cute” twin names or make a point of dressing them alike. However at the San Diego zoo about 6 months ago I did see a real cute pair of toddler twins wearing Dr. Suess shirts that said “thing 1” and “thing 2” on them. China bambina picked up on that in here Cat in the Hat book already for her new siblings