Two questions: disabling my sig, and search parameters

As the title says, I have a couple questions.
[li]I’ve noticed that, since yesterday’s upgrade, the default for signatures is always on. Do I have the option to change that for myself, or do I just have to be very careful about remembering to turn my sig off with every post? At least the preference doesn’t change during preview.[/li][li]I noticed that the list of cutoff dates for search is a bit shorter than it used to be. Is that the default now, or is that custom to us? And if it is custom, can we have some cutoffs longer than one year ago?[/li][/ol]

I’ve updated multiple templates turning off the default checking of the “Show your signature” checkbox if you have a signature defined.

I’ve added two longer “Find Post from” search parameters of “2 Years Ago” and “4 Years Ago”.

Thanks, Jerry.