Tygr is pathetic...

Tygr was writing a thread about how pathetic he is when he accidentally deleted his entire post BECAUSE HE CAN’T TYPE WORTH SH#T and proved to himself how pathetic he is.
DON’T BOTHER READING ANY MORE OF THIS THREAD! IT’S JUST A GODDAMMED PITY-PARTY! Go away and for God’s sake PLEASE don’t post replies containing little {{{HUGS!}}}[sub]Make me vomit…[/sub]

[li]Tygr has no good reason to feel this way.[/li][li]Tygr does anyway.[/li][li]Tygr doesn’t dive a dam’ about whether Opal likes his list.[/li][li]Tygr is deliberately being rude to a really nice SDMB regular who’s never had a reason to acknowledge his existence and now never will.[/li][li]Tygr HATES feeling this way so he’s telling the whole world so they’ll think he’s really pathetic and then Tygr will have a good reason to feel sorry for himself.[/li][li]Mrs. Tygr gets mad at Tygr when he feels this way because when Tygr first met the-future-Mrs-Tygr he felt like this a LOT but she stayed with Tygr anyway and loved him and cared for him until he stopped feeling this way and realized how perfect Mrs. Tygr is and he asked Mrs. Tygr to stay with him forever.[/li][li][sub]Tygr is crying now which REALLY PISSES HIM OFF because he’s at work and if he doesn’t get his sh@t together soon one of his co-workers is going to come by and ask him what’s wrong and WHY-CAN’T-TYGR-LEAVE-THIS-PERSONAL-CRAP-AT-HOME?[/sub][/li][li]Tygr is fully aware he doesn’t deserve Mrs. Tygr.[/li][li]Tygr knows this is a fact because he’s written posts saying really nice things to the ladies on the SDMB BUT HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SAY THOSE THINGS TO MRS. TYGR…[/li][li]Tygr knows that now none of the ladies on the SDMB are going to want to read his posts which say really nice things to them because he’s very effectively shown how pathetic he is.[/li][li]Tygr is feeling this way even though it’s Christmastime and everyone is supposed to be happy.[/li]<Linus>Maybe Lucy is right: Of all the [Tygr]s
in the world, you’re the [Tygr]-iest.</Linus>
[li]Tygr is supposed to be happy because he is buying his first house.[/li][li]Tygr knows that nobody really cares.[/li][li]Tygr is a straight, white, Christian, conservative, Republican male.[/li][li]Tygr knows that nobody likes straight, white, Christian, conservative, Republican males.[/li][li]Tygr wonders if Ike will come in here and kick Tygr in the ass and tell Tygr to get over himself again.[/li][li]Tygr won’t get over himself because feeling sorry for himself is the only thing Tygr does good.[/li][li]Tygr is very aware that Father-Tygr lives his life feeling this way and is now divorced from Mama-Tygr, widowed from the 2nd Mrs. Father-Tygr, working a menial job earning just above minimum even though he’s got a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in Business.[/li][li]Tygr often wonders if history will repeat itself because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.[/li][li]Tygr is listening to “And so this is Christmas” on the radio.[/li][li]Tygr hates John Lennon.[/li][li]Tygr is realizing that by posting this thread he’s certain to get the people of the MPSIMS to dislike him. And yet he’s doing it anyway.[/li][li]Tygr wonders if one of the moderators is going to send his self-pitying thread to the PIT in order for it to be flamed into oblivion like it so richly deserves.[/li][/ul]
Tygr has now spent two hours wallowing in self-loathing just to be able to post a self-pity thread. He is oh-so-proud of himself.

Tygr tells those who read here and want to add their own bitterness to go start your own self-pity thread.

Tygr begins to sing Pink Floyd songs to himself to keep the mood going:

The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older, shorter of breath, and one day closer to death.

You had my sympathy right up until the “Republican” part. :slight_smile:

Just kidding. As for your troubles with Mrs. Tygr, it sounds like a lot of stress can be alleviated if you just find a way to tell her these things. I know it’s difficult, but you’d better start figuring a way to get it done.


I’m sorry… I couldn’t help it!!!

I think you should tell Mrs. T how much you love her and then do whatever it takes to fix whatever it is that is making you feel this way… it could be the Republican thing! If all else fails just pretend to be happy, eventually it will turn into the real thing and everybody else will be happy too.

You could always type your posts in a Word document and then paste them in.

Well, you didn’t want sympathy or hugs, right? It’s the only practical advice I have!

[sub]And you could always type one of those posts to Mrs. Tygr as though she were one of the women of the SDMB and then either email it to her or print it out and give it to her. Maybe that would do an end run around the repression.[/sub]

You can fix your problems. Nothing there that is impossible. All you need is a place to start.

Hey Tygr!


Now clean up that mess.
And brush your teeth.

Santa gonna bring you a hairshirt?


One, e-mail Mrs. Tygr. If she doesn’t have e-mail, print it out.

Two, Get yourself to a therapist. If you got to watch the effect of this sort of thing has had on your father, then you really ought to consider that what you are experiencing is something treatable and get the darn treatment instead of just accepting “this is you”.

Three, Hi OpalCat (Gotta love anyone with a feline term in their name, don’cha?)

Four… keep in mind when making such generalizations as

that while I may not like the category described, I am not so narrow minded as not to be able to like individuals who may be part of this category.

Oh, for god’s sake.

I humbly apologize, Tygr. Here, I’ll buy you a whole new set of AMERICA ROCK, okay? Untainted by my pinko commentary. Here’s a Kleenex.

Now cheer up, it’s Christmastime. You white, straight, Christian, conservative, Republican males (Hey! I’m three of those things myself!) are sitting pretty right now. Loosen your necktie and pour yourself a Scotch.


   Print the OP out. Hand it to Mrs. Tygr. Ask for her help. Sounds like she'll stand by you, and you need that. Then talk to someone, a counselor, minister, priest, psychiatrist, whatever. You need someone's help. Let them. Your Dad has this problem too. I'm not a doctor, but you may have a chemical imbalance. May be genetic. Get a professional opinion on this ASAP.

I have no advice or magical solutions for you. But I like you and I enjoy your posts and I don’t think you’re quite the loser you’re portaying. Now that you’ve gotten thru your pity party, go home and give Mrs. Tygr a big smooch and your bestest hug and let her know what she means to you.

And you’re not your dad, so don’t sweat that…

Hey Tygr,

From one straight, white, Christian, well I am male if not conservative or republican, hang in there. Like Saint Zero said, nothing on your list is unfixable. Remember, it’ll get better, it always does. I guarantee that there are plenty of people out there who would be willing to help or just listen. Hell, there’s at least seven of us right here.

Hang in there, Tygr!

I’ll echo what others have said here: try to find someone to talk to about your concerns. This is a good start, but sharing your problems with someone in person might make you feel a lot better. Good luck.

(And since you don’t want hugs, how about a :: peck:: on the cheek?)

You said not to, but I’m allowed to because I’m your brother and I love you. And hugs are what Jays do best!!


Sorry if I made you vomit. And I like straight, white, Christian, conservative, Republican males FINE…especially when they are my brother. I agree with what dublos said, but you probably didnt want to hear that. But its good to know that I’m not the only one who gets depressed for no reason.

Cant say I’ve seen this side of you, and too bad you have to release your despair on a message board where nobody knows you…as opposed to using the people who know you and love you.
And since when do you not deserve Mrs. Tygr??? That there is a big flaming load of shit and you know it. Sorry you feel that nobody cares…I know three people who certainly do.


I like you Tygr, and I like reading your posts. I don’t think you’re pathetic.

I also think that there’s been a lot of great advice given to you here, and that you should follow it.

I don’t have much more to say other than take care of yourself man. Anyway you can. And whether you deserve her or not, which is prolly the former, take care of Mrs. Tygr too. As long as the feeling is there, that may be all anyone can ask.

Take care.

::Still in that awkward kindegarten stage where you can only show affection, understanding, and sympathy through hitting the person.::

Thwack! Have a snowball. HaHa.

::Seriously, talking to people IRL will help a lot. The advice given here is great but people who know you and love you can do more for you than we ever can.::

Oh, the most wonderful thing about Tygrs
Is Tygrs are wonderful things!
Their tops are made out of rubber,
Their bottoms are made out of springs!
They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy,
But the most wonderful thing about Tygrs is you’re the only one!

Youuuuu’re… the only one!
Mrs. Tygr’s got a good thing and I bet she knows it. Tell her how you feel and let her help you. I prefer my Tygrs emotionally healthy; she prob’ly does too.

Let us know if there’s any way we can help.

I give you a hug and a smooch-on-the-cheek anyway. So there. :wink:

and then…

Yeah, thanks loads… I’m fully aware that with the self-description I gave I was showing myself to be in the minority here on the SDMB. Part of my self-loathing.
AS for the rest of you, where did I say I needed any help? or advice? What needs fixing?

CHRIST! I’m starting to feel like the goddam Life of Brian, here!

The TMs are chasing after Brian.
Brian: Look, FUCK OFF!
The TMs: Yes, but HOW would you like us to fuck off?

InternetLegend figgered out right off that I don’t want sympathy. Let me be clear saying I DON’T WANT advice! There’s nothing wrong with my marriage! The other day I started feeling guilty after re-reading my Mistletoe posts because I realized that I haven’t ever written stuff like that to my wife. I’ve never written stuff like that, EVER! Before I came here, to a place where I had to write and be articulate in order to participate, I’d never had the opportunity to be erudite. I suprised myself, in the process of writing, because I’d never been able to do that.

Mrs. Tygr knows VERY well how much I love her. I tell her constantly, every day. I just haven’t written it down. Writing well takes me forever (it takes me an hour to compose one single coherent post), not to mention my problems coming up with something to write about. Everything I write here on the boards is in RESPONSE to something else. Coming up with good stuff out of the blue is what I suck at.

I get in a bad mood about once every six months and it manifests itself in me feeling like dogshit.

And I also start making rude comments to people who try to pour sympathy syrup on me. For example:

Rude comment: Yeah, I know, I’ll be FINE, as soon as I renounce my faith and principles, right?

See? I said in the OP not to post to this thread and THIS is why. I’m self aware enough to know how I’ll respond, and I respect the people here TOO MUCH to risk hurting anyone’s feelings.

On that note, Ike, thanks LOADS for the tape, I know just where to stick it. Also, I’d pour myself a good tall strong drink, but Mrs. Tygr locks up the liquor cabinet when I get like this.

Great, now all of y’all are gonna think I’m some sorta alkie-holick. No, she just doesn’t like her Tygr drunk AND in a bad mood.

Oh, shit, NO I DON’T HIT HER!! Jesus… “Live from the Cecil Adams Stadium, the SDMB Broadcasting Network brings you LIVE coverage of the Doper’s 200m Jumping to Conclusions event!”

goddam, I’m NEVER gonna finish this post if I gotta keep running my own damage control.

Right, where was I? Oh, yeah… Therapy? Counseling?


Why the HELL do y’all think I started coming here in the first place? Read Callahan’s Cross-Time Saloon by Spider Robinson. The SDMB (specifically MPSIMS) was what I found to be the closest IRL representation of Callahan’s Place, whose central tenet, IIRC, is “Shared joy is doubled, shared pain is halved.”

All I was trying to do was step up to the fireplace and offer my own pain-toast. Get a little gremlin off my chest. HALVE MY PAIN. And what do I get? “Go see a shrink, man.” “Tell it to a priest.”

Crud. Now I’m gonna get people telling me “Lighten up, they were only trying to help.”

I know. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but I didn’t ASK for help. I only wanted an ear.

If y’all insist on bein’ a mouth, you risk gettin’ a response that results in this whole damn train-wreck being sent to the PIT. I feel lousy enough that it’s not out of the realm of possibility. I REALLY don’t want something posted from someone I like to be what leads me to that finishing point.

<chuckles, shakes head ruefully, reaches for another snickerdoodle…>

This woulda been a lot more fun if you’d posted it in the Pit. Hey mods! A little help here!

Didn’t know you were such a sorry little whiner up til now. Well boo fucking hoo!

I’m sorry, and if this earns me an official warning, then so-fucking-be it. You posted a thread to an internet message board. You were aware that the purpose of an internet message board is to discuss things, right? If you didn’t want any goddamned answers, then you should have kept the whole fucking thing to yourself.

Stop being a whiny jackass! People were trying to show a little fucking sympathy, and you throw their well-wishing back in their faces with a healthy dose of acid. What kind of ungrateful, misanthropic fuck does that?

As for my statement (which you quoted out of context), notice the smiley (which you didn’t quote at all.) See, that means it was a joke. A mood-lightener. I would have been the first to help you any way I could, because that’s the way this idiosyncratic little community works. Get your fucking head straight. Don’t attack the people who want to help.

In short: look around. If you don’t want responses, don’t post. Very simple.