Messing around on here, constantly typing, and making typo errors, it came to mind: What is the most famous or notoriously erroneous typo in history? What impact did it cause? This could be interesting…

(Improbable hypothetical example: A typographical error, on the publisher’s behalf, causes a person to win Publisher’s Clearing House million $ sweepstakes.)

When I make a typo, which is often, all I ever get is the opportunity to look like an idiot.

Now if I could just explain to everyone that I have had trouble with the fingers on my left hand ever since I had a horrible tumor removed, I might look a little more pathetic and less like an idiot.

Hmmm which is better?

Proofreading, yeah probably proofreading.

“Navel exercises” used in a press release once caused me all kinds of heartache.