u decide my future.......

hi . please listen and give me your opinion . whatever is the majority , i shall follow , as i cant decide myself . im in love with a girl 300 miles away . she cant move to be with me as she has 2 school age children who have been through enough upheaval , it would be selfish to do it to them . Then why dont I move i hear u cry? well i am split up with the mother of my young child , and if it wasnt for him id be there like a shot . but i need to be within distance of him , 300 miles is too far . but in moments , i do consider it .this girl is special to me , i know were meant to be together , we cant be without each other. so here is were u come in - WHAT SHALL I DO?

Oh my.

Stay close to the kid. Love is a luxury, the child is a responsibility.

DaLovin’ Dj

I agree - stay with your child. Don’t give him a(nother) reason for years of therapy when he’s grown.

And you might consider taking a class in grammar, punctuation, and spelling…
[sub]Sorry, I had to throw that in. Chatspeak drives me batty.[/sub]

You’re going to love the kid forever. Things might not work out with the girl (they might, but they might not).

I don’t envy your position one bit:(

stay with the kid. he’ll need you. take it from a kid who didn’t have his father, it’s hard without a dad.

and as they said, it might be a true love, but it might not be. don’t ruin your son for something unsure.


If you need to ask our advice and inform us that we are going to choose your future, I think that perhaps this new love is not as sure as you want it to be. Don’t move a kajillion miles away from your child for a relationship that only might work out.