U.S. sued to force protection from ETs




PHOENIX – In a continuing effort to end government secrecy surrounding UFOs and contact with a non-human intelligence, Arizona attorney Peter A. Gersten filed papers today in U.S. District Court requiring the Federal government to protect the residents of Arizona from a “clandestine invasion.”

Gersten, the Executive Director of the Phoenix-based Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, Inc. (CAUS), had filed an earlier lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act on January 22, 1999 against the Department of Defense (DOD).

Today’s precedent-setting legal initiative comes under Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, which requires the federal government to protect each of the fifty states against invasion.

CAUS is an Arizona activist organization dedicated to ending the secrecy surrounding Earth’s contact with an “extraterrestrial intelligence.” The organization, Gersten said, sent letters to the country’s 50 Governors as well as Secretary of Defense William Cohen and Attorney General Janet Reno requesting they take immediate action to protect United States citizens against these intruders. Only three governors have replied.

“It’s outrageous that this threat is continually ignored,” Gersten stated. “I can prove in a court of law, and beyond a reasonable doubt, that we are in contact with another form of intelligence. More importantly, one aspect of this contact poses a threat to our safety.”

“Arizona will be a test case,” Gersten said. He cites the reported crash of an “unusual” craft in Paradise Valley in 1947, the Travis Walton disappearance in Snowflake in 1975, the infamous “Phoenix lights” seen throughout the state in 1997 and countless other reports during the past 52 years. “Arizona is definitely a targeted area for the clandestine intruders,” Gersten believes.

The CAUS legal papers contend that the intruders are conducting nonconsensual physical acts including abductions, sexual abuse, assaults and unlawful imprisonment upon the citizens of the United States.

CAUS is asking the federal court in Phoenix to compel both the Federal government and the State of Arizona to initiate an immediate study and investigation, and “to proceed to protect the citizens from the intruders” which, according to Gersten," would restore the full measure of independence, safety and security guaranteed by the federal government."

For the full text of the complaint, as well as material related to it, visit the group’s website at http://www.caus.org or contact Mr. Gersten at (480) 609-9120

(David - posted with the permission and encouragement of Mr. Peter Gersten)

I say it’s about time…what say you other SDMBers?

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A nutcase files a lawsuit-news at eleven!

Gee! This sounds like serious stuff!!!

Please make sure to tell your government to instruct your army to shoot only if the aliens look like this:

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.

Or we might end looking like this:

Note to DavidB:

Please feel free to delete my posts if they are taking too much space. BTW, there was NO disclaimer or copyright notice related to this images, as they were supposedly, and I quote, “…collected over many years from sources such as newspapers,
magazines, videos, tv programs and the net.”


{{{I say it’s about time…what say you other SDMBers?}}}—C#3

At least we know that Mr. Gersten is keeping up with the latest episodes of The X Files.

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ROFL! Ooooh, they have “UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE” – just ask 'em! After all: “It’s outrageous that this threat is continually ignored,” Gersten stated. “I can prove in a court of law, and beyond a reasonable doubt, that we are in contact with another form of intelligence. More importantly, one aspect of this contact poses a threat to our safety.”

I’d love to get this guy up on the witness stand. That would be a laugh-riot! The court could make up its costs by selling tickets.

Interestingly, this is the same guy (Gersten, not C3) who posted a message an Internet message (July 24) saying he expected the U.S. District Court in Phoenix to dismiss his FOIA lawsuit against the Defense Dept. He added, “If and when this lawsuit is dismissed, CAUS will have exhausted all reasonable judicial remedies. It will then be time to attempt any and all extrajudicial remedies.” Any and all? He didn’t explain what these remedies would be, but you have to wonder a bit about nutcases who say they are going to use “any and all extrajudicial remedies.” A few UFO nuts with similar views tried to poison some goverment officials a few years back…

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I’m with David B–if this comes to trial, I will be glued to Court TV for the funniest show since MST3K went off the air!

This case will be dismissed faster than you can say “Area 51.” :slight_smile: While a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim is decided as if all the facts alleged are true (as if!), the complaint still fails: the courts can’t (or at least don’t) order the government to use the military against an enemy because that’s considered to be a wholly political question.

It seems to me that what the plaintiffs here really want is not a victory in the lawsuit but discovery – court orders compelling the government to produce all those “hidden” documents that the UFO conspiracy theorists think will prove them right.

Even if the plaintiff is 100% correct in all his assertions, I don’t believe that the suit could make any difference. If the military were involved in some mass coverup, to the extent that it’s even a secret from the President (a la Independence Day), it’s a stretch to believe they’d hand everything over, just because some judge said so.

Not that it matters, even if the government could prove their case so well that even good old C3 no longer believed, there would always be someone else who was an even bigger die-hard alien invasion believer that would continue the nonsense. The only way to stop it would for the government to admit that they were doing alien testing and the like (which, incidentally, I DON’T believe in). But would THAT satisfy them? I doubt it; those same fanatics will move on to believe in some other fantasy, and the whole cycle will begin again.

Thanks, Connie! I haven’t laughed that hard in days.

(BTW, Flora, did you ever read rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc? I used to be a regular there.)

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

On the suject of stupid legal tricks…

A number of years ago, some dingleberry filed suit in Federal District Court (the Middle District of Pennsylvania, I believe) againt…Satan. (The big red guy with the pitchfork, that is, not the Satan who posts on these messageboards.) (I assume they aren’t the same people.) It seemed Satan had been treating the guy poorly, or something like that. (The case name is Mayo v. Satan. I don’t remember the rest of the citation.)

The District Judge dismissed the suit…on the grounds that the plaintiff couldn’t show the court had jurisdiction over the defendant. As I recall, the Judge specifically denied that Satan was a resident of Pennsylvania. Do YOUR states have a judicial determination that Satan doesn’t live there?

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According to his profile, Satan DOES live in my state. Maybe I should get me a lawyer …

<< Gersten stated. “I can prove in a court of law, and beyond a reasonable doubt, that we are in contact with another form of intelligence.” >>

Man, oh, man, I agree with Gersten on that. No question in my mind that we are in contacts with other forms of intelligence. Gersten himself, for example, is another form of intelligence than anyone I’ve worked with. There are a number of other posters on this board (I can’t mention names or I’d get thrown into the BBQ Pit) who are definitely alternate forms of intelligence.

I used the word “intelligence” fairly loosely, of course.

Zorak, Moltar & Brak, attourneys-at-law.

Oh, C3; please go back to the funny farm!
They have your bed all turned down for you, and a whole 60mgs. of Thorazine JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT! With your milk and cookies!

Gee, what am I thinking?

The U.S. Government witholding evidence?..nah…I must be paranoid right?..next thing you know I’ll be claiming the feds withheld evidence concerning the Waco incident!

Contestant #3

According to “The Devil and Daniel Webster”, Satan acknowledged his United States citizenship.

David B’s earlier post reminds of the 1938 court case of a woman being tried for murder. The defenses position was that she was insane. Why? Because she smoked Marijuana. And how did people know that Marijuana made someone insane?

Here you GO:

Marijuana smoking produces insanity. That comes from Harry Anslinger, Commissioner of the Federal Bereau of Norcotics, 1937.

The Expert Witness for the Defense was a pharmacologist from Temple University. How did he become the the ‘Expert’? Well, he was the only one to agree with Comm. Anslinger during Anslinger’s conference to discuss Marijuana. So, here is what the ‘Expert witness’ said about Marijuana at the trial-

It’s all true!! Here’s the link for the whole report- www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/History/whiteb1.htm It’s called the “History of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the United States”. I urge everyone interested to read this report. It was written and read to the California Judges Association 1995 annual conference, by Charles Whitebread, Professor of Law, USC Law School.

“I’ve never seen any UFO’s, have you Bobby-Sue?”
“Yup! I see them all the time.”

I am not weird, I’m just normle challenged.

Hey Brother Haus, if you’re interested in impossibly ridiculous but true Court cases like that one, try reading “Galileo’s Revenge”. You might like it.

there was a court decision in Ontario recently where a fellow was trying to sue various people (including Bill Clinton and the CIA) for covering up the fact that he, the plaintiff, was a Martian.

The statement of claim was struck on the basis that, taking it at its face value, the plaintiff had no standing - only human beings and corporations have standing to sue in the Ontario courts. The plaintiff had admitted he was not a human being.