Uh.... Why is my "Straight Dope" banner showing up like this?

… The one at the top of the page.

It’s turned in to a picture of a few women.


Dunno, but I recognize that screenshot to be a capture from some Jessica Simpson video. It came out sometime in the last year and was all over the gossip rags because she was making out with an ice cream cone. Eva Longhoria and Christina Applegate are in the video as well.


Methinks something nefarious has been downloaded to your computer.

But not here and not by us; you’re being redirected.

Cleanup time on your computer, I’m afraid

Well, it disappeared after I left the computer alone for a while (and closed/opened Firefox)

Not a hint of malware on this PC, according to all the scanners. (Aside from the standard cookies) Nothing else has been affected at all.

I run this thing pretty locked down. I run NoScript (I only allow scripts on sites I trust) and keep it as secure as I possibly can. I’m pretty security conscious.

I really have no idea where that came from (or went to).


I occasionally find that Firefox mixes up my favicons when pulling them up out of the cache. If it goes away and doesn’t come back, it’s possible that Firefox has just pulled some other image you loaded recently rather than the SD header image.

That’s a known bug. This is something much different.

Jessica Simpson and fighting ignorance go together like…

like… …Bushism Ringtones?

When I briefly looked at the screenshot in the OP, my McAfee Site Advisor leapt into action, warning me that something called paypopup was attempting to modify my PC. I don’t entirely understand that, but I’m telling you what happened.

Now, I’m off to run three of my malware bashers.