UK eBay - unreliable?

I seem to have problems every other day, for an hour or two, where won’t let me log in, either telling me my details are wrong or simply looping back to the login page. I can always get in by, but of course then UK-specific searches aren’t possible.

Anybody else have this problem?

I had this problem with, and it turned out to be (apparently) that I had two browsers “logged in” to eBay, and it didn’t like that. (I use different browsers for different reasons. None of them are Internet Explorer. Long story.) As long as I keep one browser as my “eBay browser,” I don’t get the logging-in loop thing.

By the way, I logged into just fine. (Using my “eBay browser,” of course!)

An interesting idea… but that shouldn’t be the problem - I use Mozilla the whole time. And the just refused me again, while typing this. Ho-hum…

I was having trouble not too long ago with eBay UK not showing me my won bids or the items I was watching. I didn’t have any trouble with eBay USA, though.