Ultimate Dopefest setting

I’m not sure where this is, but I do know that there are several Dopers who would love to get set loose in there, myself included. I wonder what the odds are of getting Mr. Walker to let us have a Dopefest there?

Very cool - but what kind of Dopefest would it be with everyone off in their own little worlds?? :wink:

Well, a decorous one, at least until someone decided to see what the sputnik looked like on the inside, or tried to pull up the Straight Dope on the 1960 IBM processor.

Ooooh, extremely cool place. Perhaps the owner is a Doper…?

That would be SO FRICKIN AWESOME for the next N.E. Dopefest!

Please?!?!? Mr. Walker, sir? Could we?

::big puppy-dog eyes::

Like this --> :eek: (only cuter)

Be still my beating heart! ::drools::

I know, right!? If I didn’t currently live in California, I would seriously consider writing this guy a letter attempting to persuade him to let us come.

I . . . . want.

The guy has Sputnik hanging from his ceiling. . . Sputnik!

Good God y’all. I want.

I want.

Wow. Just, wow.

HOLY MACKEREL! I wanna be that guy’s best friend.

I dunno. I’d prefer Vegas.

Vegas is in there.