Ultra-paranoid ? about oral sex

This weekend, I went down on my boyfriend twice in a 12 hour time period (Saturday night, and then Sunday morning), swallowing both times. Now this morning, I’ve been vomiting since I woke up, with horrible cramps in my stomach. And all I can think about is that urban legend where Rod Stewart/Elton John/David Bowie/Gwen Stefani sucks so much cock before a concert, s/he has terrible stomach pains and has to go to the hospital.
But seriously, could swallowing have made me ill? I’ve done it before, but normally only once per date. Or is is most likely totally unrelated?

I would suggest that more experimentation is needed, but that would be tasteless, and more importantly, not funny.


On the basis that most frequently the contents of male ejaculate contains about two tablespoon’s worth of fluid, I’m going to take a WAG that this was not the cause.

Your brief symptom description does sound sort of food poisoning like. What else did you eat over the weekend up to the night before you woke up needing to purge your system?

Since I’m not gonna be the benefactor of further experimentation along these lines, I’ll go ahead and suggest that once you’re feeling happy and healthy again, this experiment should be repeated. I’m not suggesting this to confirm this was the cause, but more to reassure yourself that this was not the cause.

The only contributing element I can think of (and this is a reach) would be… was there washing taking place between these two times? (i.e. did you wake him up, or greet him fresh from the shower the second time?)


At the risk of providing TMI, I’ve done that more than twice in a 12 hour period with no ill effects and I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of this happening to anyone, outside of the Urban Legend cited by the OP.

Arden Ranger

Oh, I don’t think that qualifies as TMI. Now if you’d told us that you’d done that more than 30 times in a 12 hour period…
No, that wouldn’t have been TMI either… just another reason to say…

How YOU doin?

Thanks to both you and ThisYearsGirl for brightening my day.

re-reading the op


Are you feeling any better yet? Have you called a doctor/nurse/healthline to see if you need to get into urgent care?

sending healthful thoughts in ThisYsarsGirl’s direction


Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I’d be willing to bet, though, that it isn’t his ejaculate causing the problem,but it could still be kind of related: perineal area has lots of microbes that could set off a GI disturbance…
Twice in 12 hours isn’t too much,IMHO. but that’s just me.

Yes, actually I am feeling better. I made the boy go buy crackers and Jello for me, so at least I’ve eaten, and I haven’t thrown up since noon.

Yay!!! Ok, so you haven’t answered… did you ingest anything else that mighta been questionable? Especially noteworthy would by anything you ate that he didn’t.


I don’t think I’ve eaten anything questionable; I’m a vegetarian, so undercooked meat is out of the question. The only mildly upsetting thing I’ve eaten (drank) was a glass of milk yesterday with dinner. But even then, if the milk was bad (which I don’t think it was), why would it take until this morning to affect me?
It could just be a stomach bug, but no one else I know is sick.

Well, undercooked meat isn’t the only food that can get you sick. Slightly bad milk is a possibility, as could be any food that was handled improperly (someone didn’t wash before stocking the veggie shipment that came in?)

But I think when you’re feeling better you should just repeat the experiment to put your fears to rest, then leave it as a mystery since you’re feelin better now and there’s really no way to be sure what it was.


Most food poisoning takes about 8 hours to hit you (if my old boss at the Taco Bell is to be believed), so it could easily have been something you ate from the night before, if indeed it was food poisoning.

Your boyfriend isn’t Peter North, is it? If he is, maybe you’re just sick from over eating.:stuck_out_tongue:

No woman I know has ever gotten sick from it. Although, it almost got me impeached once.

It can make you gag but I don’t know about that happening hours later.

It’s certainly not the amount of ejaculate that’s the problem.

The question is where was your boyfriend’s penis prior to being in your mouth? This is a case of TLI. If you tell us that you two had unprotected anal sex prior to the BJ, then I believe your answer is right there.

The other question is whether she’s truly a vegetarian if she swallows.

The other point I’d make is that undercooked meat is not the only culprit in food poisoning. Alfalfa sprouts are also notorious carriers of nasty germs.

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My roommate just threw up!!! And I’m pretty sure she doesn’t give head (especially this weekend, since she went home for Passover), so it’s gotta be a stomach flu!

Mr. Former President said


Sir: If you’re gonna post here, at least get your facts straight…You were impeached, they just didn’t convict you. :rolleyes:

That wasn’t fancy schmancy raw (unpastuerized) milk (scroll down to the bit about food poisoning) was it? If so, that could easily account for your symptoms.

If oral sex can make you sick, then it is one gift that is better to receive than to give.

Who is Peter North?