Unable to log-in using Opera?

Hello, I’ve recently changed my Android browser from Chrome to Opera (I found Google’s forced “grouping” function to be unusable). Consequently I’ve had to re-log-in to the SDMB - only that it appears that I’m getting error messages “unable to log-in using this IP”, which is strange given that its the exact IP I used in Chrome. Likewise, I’ve tried making an entirely new account, but it says “unable to create new accounts in this IP”. I don’t participate much in this forum, but I’ve lurked here for years and I’ve found it an invaluable resource. Help!

So until Chrome 9.1 you could turn tabs off, apparently that is no longer an option.
Thanks Chrome team, you stink.

Here is how to turn off the annoying group tabs before 9.1:

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Type chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout Go
  3. Open drop down for Tab Grid Layout
  4. Select Disabled
  5. tap Relaunch

Opera is a very minor browser. But it should be as simple as getting to the website and clicking the Login button: https://boards.straightdope.com/

Use your Email address and your password and even in Opera it should let you in.

Re. Chrome, yes, I did follow those instructions before, but it seems to no longer work as of several days ago. Google really seems to be doubling down on its brilliance. Good luck to them on that, I’ve deleted Chrome and chose another browser.

On the other front, it turns out it wasn’t Opera after all, rather some weird inconsistency with my network. Changed networks and able to log-in just fine. Thanks!

It’s worth noting that Opera comes with an (optional, I think) built in VPN. It’s possible that was turned on, and triggered the Dope’s anti-VPN defences.

Normally, your browser connects directly to websites, allowing websites to identify your IP address and approximate location. With VPN, you connect to websites via a VPN (virtual private network) server. As a result, your apparent location changes to the location of the server. To enable VPN:

  1. Go to Settings .
  2. Click Advanced in the left sidebar, and click Features .
  3. Under VPN, turn on VPN

(You can follow those same instructions to turn off VPN)