UNC/Duke: A measured and mature analysis

if you can’t go to school, go to State.

If you can’t go to State, go to jail.

If you can’t go to jail, go to hell.


That is all.

. . . mumblemumblemumble game room mumble . . .

Is this about some sporting event that non Tar Heels would find irrelevant? Or is there some deeper meaning to the OP?

So, how did that work out for you?


Moved to The Game Room… by a dejected Duke fan.

I am extremely saddened and concerned that my previous words regarding Carolina and the going to Hell thereof were so wildly and irresponsibly misconstrued and taken out of context by the left-wing media.

Thanks for playing. Please try again.

Go, Heels.

Was there in 1966-67. Charlie Scott Years.

When North Carolina jumped out to that enormous early lead, I was afraid that it was merely taunting me with the possibility of clobberizing Duke before booking another one-way ticket to Choke City. And the Blue Devils made enough progress in the second half cutting into that lead to cause me some concern. Thankfully, the Tar Heels got themselves in gear and took Coach K and his minions down. It’s hard not to smile when something bad happens to Duke.

Tar Heel fan here; 1971 alum.

It is always nice to win one against our great rivals from Duke,
the more so because they have a class program, and are seldom
out of the top 10, so a win against them really means something
besides mere local rivalry.

This time it’s us, but each team will enjoy plenty of big wins over
the other in the future,

Good luck to both (a bit more to us, though, please).

Yes, there is a deeper meaning.

See Wiki article:

Carolina–Duke Rivalry

(From link):

BTW UNC-CH fans refer to the school as “Carolina”. This is at times confusing since
Universtiy of South Carolina fans use (stole) the same name for their school.

As a Kentucky fan, I’m not really into UNC per se … unless they’re kicking Duke’s ass :slight_smile: GO HEELS!

Duke fan here - I kinda viewed this year as a rebuilding year and have thought Duke’s ranking has been inflated much of it. Every year is starting to look like a rebuilding year with our top talent leaving for the NBA after a season or two (just like every other school). I’m not a fan of the Plumlee boys and will be glad to see them depart. Anyhow, the script’s the same for Duke this year - soft inside, live and die by the 3.

UNC just outclassed us athletically and appeared to put in more effort. We weren’t hitting our shots and our stiffs couldn’t sniff an offensive rebound. When that happens, we can definitely be beat.

The good news is we’ll likely get another shot at 'em in the ACC tourney. Here’s hoping we make it that far.