Undo "Clear Fields", can it be done?

“Occasionally I click the “clear fields” button instead of the “submit”. Is there any way to undo this and get my reply back?”
—C&P’d from “About this Board.”

I originally posted this question in the above area, but was soundly ignored. :slight_smile:
Does this happen to anyone else? surely it does. Very irritating, when you compose a reply, proof read it, then hit “Clear Fields” instead of “Submit New Topic”, and it’s gone. Is there a way to get it back? I looked through all the FAQ’s and other posts. Nada

Have Superman fly around the world and reverse its rotation.

There is no undo as far as I know. For lengthy posts, I bring up a mini-text editor (such as Notepad on Macintosh or Wordpad on MS Windows), type my reply in there, and do a copy and paste.

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Thanks, Arnold. So simple, and yet so elegant. :slight_smile:

You might be able to hit back, depending on whose secutity settings you have. On stingy servers like Angelfire, they wil tell you the page was formed from blah blah blah… but some simpler ones the data may come back.

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