Unhelpful responses

Seems to be happening a lot lately: I send an email that includes what I believe are clear, specific and easy-to-answer questions; the reply does not contain answers.

Today, a small variation of this theme: An eBay seller lists vehicle parts I need. Though they look right, I’m not sure they’ll fit my model year, and Googling doesn’t produce a clear answer. I sent him a simple question:

His reply:

Anyone else have interesting examples?

Yes, I have some samples.

An actual answer:

I was at the grocery store and my cousin/roommate wanted to get 2 pounds of salami (for some pasta salad). Two pounds seemed like a lot to me, so I verified it with her.

The deli guy started putting salami on the scale and there was quite a pile that seemed more than enough. So I asked him - “Is that a pound?” (I couldn’t see the scale readout).

His answer - “Don’t worry I’m going to separate it into two bags.”

I asked again - “Yeah, but is that a pound right there?”

His answer “I said I was going to separate it into two bags”

Now another deli lady comes over and they proceed to discuss how this must be my first shopping trip and they will take care of me, I shouldn’t worry. :smack:

Turns out it WAS a pound and more than enough. I was kind of angry but kept my cool since it is the base commissary.

Bottom Line - If someone asks you a Yes/No question, answer with Yes or No!

I bought some horehound candy at the store today.
Hope this helps.

I have looked for a particular printing of a cookbook online.

One ad on a used booksite gave the publication year, but not the printing. So I emailed and asked about it, and the reply, automatically generated apparently, siad the only info they deign to give, or have time for, is in the ad. So they lost a possible sale.

I have a friend who answers questions after jumping ahead of you in the conversations. Her brain moves really fast and she sincerely hears your query but figures out where you are going with it. It’s funny, she’s usually correct. It always stuns me when she does this thing. I tell her all the time she could be a psychic and really clean up.
Before I got that out of my mouth good she said, " I don’t believe in that crap".
Shut me right up, I am telling you.

IIRC, in the book The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom was asked by a Nazi if she had any children. Corrie’s response was that she wasn’t married. The Nazi, of course peeved, asked if she had children.

So that’s what we have to do?


Cold man. Just cold.


From just a couple months ago…

My email in response to a car for sale ad:

“Hello, I’m interested in the Cadillac for sale. Does it have a sunroof? I cannot see in the pics. Thanks very much.”
Response from seller:
“its still available nice car low miles loaded up runs great”

Mmmmmkay… :smack:

My ‘Go-To’ answer: I once asked a guy for directions. It went like this-

*"Hey, Man! How do I get to Point Fermin?’

“Point Fermin? Where is that?”*


You’re evidently not a Christian.

Corrie Ten Boom was a Christian. Since she wasn’t married, it’s axiomatic that she didn’t have children.

I’ve occasionally answered that question in the exact same way.

This pops up occasionally on early retirement forums I frequent.

Q: “Retiring soon, need advice on covering medical insurance before eligibility for Medicare.”

A: “My former employer provides retiree medical care with our pension.”
Seriously? That’s an answer? What does he expect, the OP will suddenly go work for his company to get this benefit? For some reason, this stuff annoys the crap out of me.

This seems pretty clear. Either it does NOT fit 2018 … or he doesn’t know. Can’t you Google “Will the 2017 Bugatti Veyron muffler fit my 2018 model?”

YES. (Out of curiosity, were the people “helping” you youngish?)

This happens to me frequently. Usually I just grin and get on with life. But sometimes I start screaming. :eek: (I got to work on adjusting my dosages. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Me: do you have the scissors (or whatever) ?

Him: what for?

I was reading through an old support log at work today. Trying to diagnose the customer’s internet connection problem, our staff member was trying every possible variation of the question: “How is your computer connected to the router - via a cable, or wifi?”
Every time the customer would respond “I’m connected by the internet!” and become increasingly belligerent and abusive.

Two years later, another support ticket, the same Q&A game going on again.

An agent was interviewing a woman looking for an apartment for her and her eight children.

Agent: And what does your husband do?
Customer, in a very haughty voice: I am not married.

A recent interview I had went like this:

Interviewer: What medications are you on?
Me: I do not do any drugs.
Annoyed Interviewer: I did not ask about drugs. I asked about medications.

No, one was an elderly lady and one a mid-30’s guy. Still annoys me just thinking about it :slight_smile:

Or maybe “yes” means the answer is “yes, it does fit”, but he mis-typed 2018. IOW, definitely not a clear answer.

As noted in the OP, I did Google the question - could not get a definitive answer. I reasoned that the guy selling the part might know.

There’s also the category of unhelpful responses to Amazon product questions. A person will ask about a product, “Do you know if this will do X?” And someone will respond, “I don’t know. I’ve never tried to do X with it.” How in the world is that helpful to the person who asked the question?