Unproven private theories -- What's yours?

The war in Iraq never actually took place. It was all staged on the moon.

Bisexual women are really just lesbians who don’t find men COMPLETELY uninteresting.

If I had a cat, its breath would smell like cat food.

Complex systems break down at a higher rate when watched by people especially worried that they will.

People who were born via C-section have different near-death experiences than others.

I also agree with Anne Elk’s theory that a brontosaurus is thin at one end, much much thicker in the middle, and thin again at the far end.

No one has ever been to the moon :slight_smile:

that my entire life is some kind of divine sitcom for bored Greek gods.

“Hey Zeus - you remember the episode where the HR department ‘accidentally’ fired Garius?!”

“Hell yeah Posidon! Damn i laughed my arse of at that one…”

That the SDMB, and all you folks, is nought but a pre-waking dream …

Actually, mine is similar to garius’ except with the twist that they get their laughs by watching me try to cope with what they do to my wife.

My life is just some dream, created by a very imaganative person.

Hmm … would you care to expand on that? Sounds interesting.

Solipsism is right. I just don’t know for whom yet.

Turbulence is caused by the serving of hot beverages in little cups on airplanes.

Your hair gets “used to” the same shampoo every day. You must alternate between at least 2.

My private theory is if you are speeding on the highway and see a cop IF you touch your brakes you WILL get pulled over, however if you remove your foot off the gas and smile, smokey will ignore you.

women do actually find me attractive - they are just too shy to admit it.

at least thats what i keep telling myself…

Malaka, that theory is proven…by me. I alternate between two shampoos or my hair gets lazy.

Another theory…the call you’ve been waiting for will come when you go to the bathroom.


Btw, why didn’t you tell me you were on the voices of the SD page? OMG! Talk about a sexy accent … ::sigh::

Maybe this is a bit more GD but here goes.

The brain has been shown to hold memories, this is pretty conclusive, both from the computational theoretic point considering neural network capabilities, and from the experimental point where electric induction of brain cells cause the experiences associated with memory. This leads me to believe that if the soul exists, then in cannot contain your memories. For if the soul exists and holds memories, there would be no need for the brain to hold memories, and such a memory holding brain as we have would not evolve (or be created by a god).
That means your soul would not be the same being as you identify with yourself mentally, since so much of our being is made up from our memories and our interactions with our memories.

A somewhat depressing theory, but it does answer a few old problems. Earthly marriage in heaven would be meaningless to memory-less souls (ergo Jesus’s such things don’t matter in Heaven answer). And memory-less souls could not get bored in Heaven or Hell since boredom requires memory to recognise that the current state is unchanging.

Cheers, Bippy

interesting Bippy because (and i certainly don’t want to turn this into a hijack or great debate) my personal theory has always been the opposite - that our soul is ultimately our memories and experiences preserved, because its those that make us what we are.

  1. I’m English - i don’t have an accent :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Sarcasm doesn’t suit you :wink:

  3. Imagine it talking about computers or politics and i bet you’ll think differently about it :smiley:

Theory #1: On any given cd, tracks 3 and 7 are among the best, if not the best, songs on the cd.

Theory #2: The title track on an album is usually not that good.

Theory #3: Geddy Lee from Rush is the Anti-christ.