Unscented body lotion

I’m looking for an unscented body lotion, as the title describes.
My Wife has one now that smells nice in the tube, but I have a damaged smeller, on skin it and most perfumes smell like old ladies in church to me.
This one is made by Calgon, has cetearly alcohol, ethylhexyl palmitate, whatever those are. :slight_smile:
Any suggestions that will feel as good for her, and not make my nose bleed?

I’d suggest an unscented lotion base, sold to people who like to add their own essential oils or fragrance oils, for personal use or manufacturing lotions to sell.

This one’s pretty nice.

I’ve heard good things about Brambleberry, but not used them myself. They have a few options.

There are plenty more. Google for **unscented lotion base **and you’ll find them.

Bear in mind that nothing is really truly completely scent free besides petroleum jelly. There’s going to be some odor from the ingredients. But there will be less odor with lotion bases, because they’re designed to have odor added to them.

I’ve got a bottle of Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion. It’s the version for “sensitive skin” and claims to be 100% fragrance free.

My daughter uses a lotion base, as in WhyNot’s posting, but I don’t know if that’s the same brand.

I use Cetaphil cream. It’s creamy but not greasy, and doesn’t seem to have a fragrance.

Aquaphor should be fragrance-free. It does have an odor, but that’s just the smell of the ingredients themselves. I also like Aveeno and use it regularly.

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing. No smell and it really works well.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It’s not quite scent-free - it smells vaguely of oatmeal - but it’s the best I’ve ever tried. It really does moisturize for 24 hours, just like the bottle says. Love it.


I like Aveeno, and also the lotion my dermatologist recommended: Cerave. Both available in your average Walgreens/CVS.

For the hard-to-moisturize places, feet in particular, I recommend Heel Rescue. I use it all the way up to my knees, in fact. No scent.

Not a specific suggestion here, but a general search strategy:

Google for massage therapy supplies and see what you can find. Aside from the stuff you’ll find on-line at walmart or amazon, there are also specialized massage (and other bodywork) supply companies, with on-line catalogs.

Example: Massage Warehouse and Spa Essentials.

Another: Massage Naturals.

There are several others as well. Some of them have printed catalogs too.

You should be able to find a goodly selection of oils and lotions from these sources.

Ah, but I don’t get the valued opinions of 'Dopers!
Thanks, though. :slight_smile:

Walmart has a good Aveeno knockoff face lotion with soy that some (but not a whole lot) cheaper. It seems to be precisely the same. It’s shelved nearby the Aveeno.