Untuck This, Assface

I can’t be the only one who’s irritated by Untuckit Guy, whose problem is that he can’t find a shirt that looks good untucked? Who’s so proud of his solution, a slightly shorter shirt, that he produced a 2nd, weirdly defensive ad about how minor changes make a big difference and then proceeded to call twist ties “more flexible paper clips” and dental floss “yarn for my teeth”? Here’s wishing he gets a much, much better problem very, very soon!

Who, now?

What’s all this then?

I assume he’s talking about this guy who founded a company called “Untuckit” that sells… well, mainly shirts mean to be worn untucked.

Why do shirts need to be designed to be worn untucked? :confused:

Can’t you just wear any old shirt and just not tuck it in? I’ve been that doing that for like 50 years now and nobody’s ever called me out on it; do I need to be prepared for that to happen now?

More hipster shit.

Less extra fabric, while paying attention to the look of he tails. At least, with dress shirts. T-shirts, it’s just a length issue. Some of my undershirts look like dresses untucked.

I remember the 90s when we rebelled, and wore tailed shirts out and unbuttoned! I remembering told that, before then, you only wore it out if it had a flat cut on the bottom.

That does it!
I’m gonna buy one of his shirts and wear it tucked in!

That’ll show him!

Hmmm, random advertisements for products I’m not interested in?

Happens to me 10,000 times a day.

Irritated by one specific advertisement?

Nope, just you.

Maybe cut back on the caffeine?

Tuck in your 'tude, dude…

Seconded. Not that I can’t be irritated by ads (hello Gain) but someone’s take on fashion? Meh.

It’s easy to make fun of stuff like this but honestly if you are going to wear shirts untucked these do look better.
Not that I give a fuck either way, just sayin’…

Just don’t go on a trip with my mother. I haven’t tucked in a shirt since the 60s. But she just could not stop bringing everyone’s attention to my shirts: “I swear I’m bringing my good fabric scissors next time, and snip, snip!”

She brought up my “shirt tails” so many times that I had the theme from “Duck Tales” running through my head…
(“Shirt tails, woo-ooh… Every day they’re out there waving… Shirt tails, woo-ooh!”)

One can always count on CalMeacham! Maybe I’ll cut back on caffeine and TeeVee…

Thanks, all!

I think you mean more hipster shirt.

I thought the whole idea was that it was less hipster shirt.

I will be the sole voice raised in solidarity with the OP. It’s a stupid premise for a business. The first time I saw the commercial, I thought it was a joke.

My coffee is just fine. More chocolate or beer maybe.

There once was a man from Untuckit…


Well let’s see…
Founded in 2011 for $150,000 in a second bedroom apartment, it became profitable in its second year and has doubled sales every year since.

The company recently secured a $30 million boost with its first round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins. That’s a valuation of about $200 million.

Yeah, really stupid premise for a business.

No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.