unwrapped host

We were watching a program on Nickolodean called Double Dare.
The host of it looked a lot like Marc Summers of Unwrapped program on Food Network.
Is it the same guy?

Same dude.

Yep, Marc Summers.

[sub]I’ll admit that I clicked on this thread, picturing shrink wrapped communion hosts for portable Catholic Masses. Yes, I’m odd. [/sub]

Don’t feel bad. I was thinking of the little Wafers of Saviour, too.

I’m 21.

[sub]I have no idea who Marc Summers is, mind you.[/sub]

Marc Summers has made a career of hosting third-rate game shows. His other work includes History IQ, WinTuition and Pick Your Brain.

Make that (at least) three. :cool: ain’t we?

Hehe! Four! :smiley:

I thought it might have something to do with TCP/IP packets.