Upcoming computer games for 2010 which you are looking forward to?

It’s the new year, so what is 2010 bringing for computer gamers? I was panicking when I realized that I don’t find myself looking forward to anything. So let’s get a list together!

It’s true and kind of sad. There’s nothing on the radar for me. As usual, we can just skip the Blizzard stuff because we have no idea about their release date.

Heroes of Newerth.
Bad Company 2.
Natural Selection 2
Starcraft 2 Beta (it’ll hit this year, at least.)

I was looking forward to BF 1943 on PC, but I’m pretty sure that’s dead. Maybe they’ll bundle it with Bad Company 2. I don’t think we’ll see Diablo 3 either.

Black Mesa

Duke Nukem Forever

The Total War expansion is what I’m looking forward too next. I might try out Star Trek online as well. Other than that I don’t really see much on the horizon that I’m all that fired up about atm. Maybe someone in the thread will suggest something I’m missing though, so…


I just watched the trailer for the upcoming Lego Universe MMO. I think I’m going to faint.

Diablo 3 is supposed to come out right? I haven’t played any of the previous games in that series but like the genre.

You’re funny.

I’m afraid going by the games others have picked my boring normal picks will attract scorn, but i’m pretty much interested in the big-hitters coming up soon. Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XIII.

Am I the only one looking forward to Bioshock 2?

I am, and that’s pretty much it.

The only one I’m excited about is Saints Row 3.

This year doesn’t seem too hot for me and video games. Besides that one I’m not really too thrilled. I guess that’s a good thing for my wallet.

This thread is making me sad. I just put together a somewhat beastly system and it seems like it’s going to be lonely year for its GPUs.

I’m looking forward to Assassin’s Creed 2.

And the previously mentioned Bioshock 2.

There are a couple of others, but I can’t recall what they are at the moment.

I have high hopes for Global Agenda and APB. I don’t expect them to be WoW-killers, such a thing cannot exist, but they look like they’re going to put a new spin on MMOs and what you can do with them.

It’s a fun game. I’ve finished it (XBOX 360). Fixed some of the annoying parts of the first game (I liked the first game, BTW).

Elemental: War of Magic

I am looking forward to Heavy Rain for the PS3. The graphics look great and the gameplay appears innovative and fun. (From what I understand when you die as one character you continue the same story from the perspective of a different character. That might make for some cool replaybility. If it rises above gimmick.)

Starcraft 2
Final Fantasy XIII
Star Trek Online
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Bioshock 2

Diablo 3 has been pushed to 2011.

Battlefield 3 might be released this year. Or perhaps just a demo.

Command and Conquer 4 looks good.

Society looks interesting.

Star Trek online (2010?)

Mechwarrior supposedly returns in 2010.

Culpa Innata 2 looks fun.

City of Heroes: Going Rogue could well get me playing on a regular basis again.