Updates in my Life

Summer has caught up to me and a lot of things have happened as of recent (some good some bad). Here is my top ten for this month!

  1. Recently saw Be More Chill (lovely musical involving mountain dew, robots, and drugs:))
  2. Lost my grandfather to cancer (RIP Peter Strom)
  3. Had to put down my cat (RIP Ace the Cat)
  4. Got a new girlfriend (Jennifer)
  5. Finally got my associates (on the way for the BA)
  6. Got a vintage painting copy of the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, and Water Lilies
  7. Got to meet Lin Manuel Miranda in the flesh (super excited)
  8. Accidentally broke my nose on a metal chair(its healed a lot further but my proboscis is still swollen :()
  9. Tried escargot for the first time (note to self: find out what escargot is BEFORE I actually eat it.
  10. Got a raise from my part-time job I am quitting in a couple of months (take that, McDonald’s!)

Nonetheless, its been a couple of days since I came to this site and let me tell ya that you guys are quite the quirky, wonderful, and caring group of individuals that I’ve found on the internet since Facebook.
The Captain.

Sounds like an eventful summer.