Username=Condition of Brain?

Ok, reading a Pit Thread:

Brought up this question: if your username reflects the condition of your brain, what does yours say about you?

I guess for me, it means my brain smells like incense (I know the spelling’s off, but that’s where it came from).

I think, in my case, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

I explained my name–>brain connection in the name origin thread

You might find similar info on others there.

my brain would be a potato-shaped rock with a decaying orbit and a big crater on one side

I guess mine would be a colorful tasty candy from willy wonka. Though that’s not at all where the name came from.

I guess I’d be a bouncy orange, black, and white cat who sings odd songs… and is from Illinois. Huh.

Mine would be tasty and nutritious? I guess it all depends on how you feel about granola.

mine would rise from the dead … at least 7 times even! grin

Man, my SN isn’t interesting enough for any of this stuff. Hmph.

I kind of think I would have to be a real dork to answer this question.

I utterly refuse to answer.

I’m still stuck (at least mentally) as the quad-playing drumline section leader of a rural high school band.

Hmmm, does this mean I really am lost, or just my brain is lost? I don’t think I want to know.

Well, hmmmm. The translation is shadow, so what do you think that says about me? I have NFC what it could be interpreted as.

Although not picked specifically to decribe mental state, it is accurate.

Condition of my LOVE LIFE :frowning:

pats DRY on the shoulder I know the feeling…

My name, too, is too dull. My friends would object, though, and say that it is self-explanatory: “You’re sooooo Audrey today!” pout

Dry: Know the feeling…know the feeling
Audrey: Your brain could be a giant singing carnivorous plant, a la * Little Shop of Horrors. *
Hmm, just occurs to me that myrrh was also used as embalming fluid…ewwwwww

I actually never wear tshirts and only own one, a souvenir Tin Tin from my daughter ( :smiley: ).
I just like open collars, nothing pressing on my adam’s apple.

But, if it reflects my brain…
Perhaps it means I smell funky? Nope, checked.
Perhaps it means I live cheap? I wish.
Casual? No, prefer suits.

But I guess it does reflect my love of the witty catch phrase.

I once gave away tshirts at a museum director’s convention (I had a booth selling interactive computer displays) that said
“I Never Met a Museum I Didn’t Like”
Couldn’t keep up with demand, had to make a mailing list when we ran out of Medium.

What can I say, its me
has anyone seen my disk?