Usual song lyrics- what's the song thread

I have heard a song playing in my gym that I have never heard anywhere else and no one knows who sings it. It is a moderately tempo song with a melancholy sounding female voice. The chorus goes something like- “I can’t make you love me…I can’t make me love you.” I have tried several lyric sites but have not come up with anything beyond the Bonnie Raitt song and its copies. Throw out some suggestions for me to try out.

Bonnie Raitt?

Maybe I should read before I post. Sorry… I’ll keep looking for you.

Oh, I do know the song you mean, I think…

Butterfly Boucher - “I can’t make me love you.”

She’s an Aussie singer that had a great album a couple years ago called “Flutterby” with that song on it. I’ve seen her perform a few times and she’s fantastic… And super cute too.

Butterfly is the one. Thank you for putting my mind at rest, now I can check out some of her other music.