V: 2.07 "Birth Pangs" (open spoilers)


Tonight was good. Really good. Ryan’s still alive (did I miss [del]Father[/del] Jack telling the rest of the gang about it), we know what their plan is, Erica is now the world leader of the 5th Column, and Anna’s starting to suspect Lisa. But Lisa is alot less expendable than Tyler. Twenty eight backup tylers, but only one back up egg (that may or may not mature ontime. Speaking of Tyler, his character is alot less annoying when he’s not speaking or wearing clothes. We need more scenes like that in the future. After all it’s been established in-universe he has one purpose in life, and that purpose doesn’t require clothing or a voice. :wink:

I missed part of the conversation Anna had With Joshua. They were looking at the egg and talking about a hybrid or something. Joshua was saying that it would have a tail, but don’t all the females? So, I think I missed something.

Joshua was commenting on the hybrid’s initial appearance - that it had skin, tail and claws like theirs - that it was more V than human by appearance so presumably the fast aging stuff would work on it.

Is Dianna really helping Lisa, or is she using her to get rid of Anna and then take back control?


Gee, no comments on the idea of ‘harvesting’ DNA from people? As opposed to sampling a single cell and growing however many billions of copies they need of it? We can do that now with our present level of tech.

That they V could recognized ‘superior’ genes and yet not just then construct the gene from scratch? Hello, we can do that at our level of tech.
Best of all, with the intention of adding those superior genes to the V genome?
I never realized that DNA was a universal “plug and play” molecule…

The science is this show is pretty much Art Major Biology at it’s finest. Hard scifi it ain’t. The other day I heard on the The Frank DeCaro Show that the producers (in an effort to tip the scales in favour of season 3) are planning to kill off about 1/3rd of the cast by the season finale. It’ll be interesting to watch, but I’ll be surprised if it get’s the show renewed.

I’m hoping it’s the latter.

I didn’t quite get the end - are they just testing the growth thing on the hybrid to see if it works, and if it does, they’ll use it on the egg? Or could the hybrid somehow potentially be a new heir to the throne?

The former, but since so far most of Anna’s plans have been thwarted, probably the latter.

If you can stop your eyes from rolling at the science long enough … another semi-decent episode.

Cute call-back to the original series’s rapidly aging hybrid girl. At least they explain it this time. :slight_smile:

Unnecessary “will they kiss?” moment with Hobbs and Erica under the safe, but otherwise neat caper scene. (Oh, and why did the V doctor have to jump off the building to take her vaporizing pill? Looked cool, though.)

Funny that Hobb’s called that guy “Science boy” when I called him the same thing a few minutes prior. (on the skype chat scene, I said, “Hey, it’s science boy! haven’t seen him in a while.” Even the other characters don’t remember his name. :slight_smile: )

Interesting development with the queen egg. I hope there are other V queens out there somewhere, back home or on other conquered planets. It would be really silly if the V’s whole species depended on Lisa and an egg.

It’s downright shocking that Lisa’s disloyalty hasn’t been found out yet. What with the V’s surveillance technology, and people like Chad blurting it out in crowded rooms. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also got the feeling that Diana’s got her own plans and is just using Lisa. We shall see.

A few weeks ago, I asked my wife if V could possibly become a good show, or if it was too late. She said there was still hope. I disagreed. But the last few episodes might be changing my mind.

It would be really interesting if they don’t have the rapid aging effect the hybrid’s intellectual development (ie she ends up a teenager with the mind of an infant). Probally won’t happen though. As for other Visitor eggs; I think we’ve only seen one faction/family of the species. Ie there is a Visitor homeworld somewhere, but this particular group of reptilians left many, many generations ago, started breeding with other species for (to “evolve to a higher lever” or some bullshit), presumably eliminating said species when they were done with them, and moving on to the next target. Who knows how much they’ve diverged from the rest of their species (indeed they probally aren’t the same species anymore).

In the original miniseries the Visitors/Sirians did have at least one enemy that was their technological equal. The Resistance sent a message to them (with a radio telescope), but it was never addressed onscreen again. It’d make for an interesting story development if the 5th Column tried doing the something similar (presumably using some kind of Visitor FTL tech). The major gamble with this strategy is of course we’d have know of knowing how this 3rd party would react. They could show up perfectly willing to destroy Earth in order to wipe the Visitors out.

I thought the Fifth Column summit meeting in Thailand was bizarre. Everyone wearing sunglasses and standing in formation in a public park looking not-at-all-out-of-place! Looked more like Justin Timberlake’s backup dancers than a meeting of terrorists.