V: 2.09 "Devil in a Blue Dress" (open spoilers)


The first half kinda sucked, but it did really pick up toward the end. The whole episode was nothing but setup for next week’s (series?) finale. One nitpick, why did Lisa contact Ryan instead of Erica? :dubious: Presumably she & Erica do have some way of getting in touch without meeting in person. Given Diana’s character development I think there’s a real chance they might really kill Anna off. They don’t know if they’ll get a third seaon, Diana could well be even worse thatn Diana, and Jane Badler would just love getting back on an American TV series.

Season finale already? Sheesh, didn’t the show just start back up?

spoilers for next week previewMarc Singer! Yay! Looks like he’s playing some sort of Men in Black type dealie.

Big problem on this one was that Erica, as their esteemed leader, seems to be suffering from Jack Shepard disease - basically a nearly terminal case of indecisive limp-dickedness.

“I’m the leader! We are going to do this thing!”
“There’s potentially negative consequences to this. Are you sure?”
“You wanted me to be the leader so I’m leading. Don’t question me!”
(something totally predictable happens)
“Clarence, I’m sorry! I want to live again!”

And boy did she decide to forgive Ryan pretty quick, huh?


She told Ryan that she tried contacting Erica but her phone was off already.

I’m betting Diana bites it next week.

Yeah, Erica has turned into a dick. But at least she got called out on it this week, and it was pointed out to her that she was chosen as leader because of her former humane style.

She said she didn’t forgive Ryan, but that they need him. I wish they’d brought up the fact that Ryan’s daughter is getting blissed by Diana so he’s no longer under the same blackmail threat.

I enjoyed the episode, things seem to be really happening. I’m kind of glad they retconned Tyler’s dickishness by blaming it on his incomplete DNA.

I didn’t quite get how the hybrid being blissable meant that humans were too. Especially since Diana had tried it before and found it impossible.

It’s also not entirely clear to me what Diana wants. She seems to go back and forth in her various meetings about whether she thinks human emotion is good or bad. She told Marcus human emotions are why she tried to abandon the Earth plan as unfeasible. She also is telling him that Anna is a bad leader because she is getting emotional. She told Lisa and Anna that emotions are good and should be embraced, and seems to be on board for the secret human group. Clearly she’s playing the long con. But other than being queen again, I’m not sure what her game is, and were she to rule, what she would decide about emotions, the fifth column, and Lisa.

Not bad… at least the science this week was V science, so we can’t really fault it. Blue energy’s just a MacGuffin, so who knows how it works? (I don’t see V getting the “Star Trek Technical Manual” treatment anytime soon.) By the way, has it ever been established what kind of “Scientist” the prof. is? Yes, I know it’s a common hollywood annoyance, but last week he was a biology expert, this week it’s physics. It’s not all the same…

Lisa not being able to get in touch with Erica was pretty clearly a limp excuse to get Ryan back on “the team” for next week’s climax. (and to give some “do we believe him or not?” drama at the reactor) Similar for Joshua’s sudden change of heart. If next week turns out to be the series finale, all the “good guys” need to be in place for the final battle. (hey, that would make a good title for V show, wouldn’t it? :wink: )

Lisa certainly seems to have fallen for whatever it is Diana is spinning, and I no longer have any doubt that she is spinning something that Lisa and her 5C friends won’t like any better than Anna’s plans.

Pretty cool “reveal” of the cloaked ships, though I’m still baffled as to why they need landing sites. The ships are big, but they’re not that big! find a big field somewhere. Or come down in shuttles. or drop a rope ladder! Or just land, and squash whatever human buildings you have to. (Nice arts and crafts project too, BTW, science guy. Wouldn’t a sketch have sufficed?)

Hah, that’s a good point. It could have worked if the writers emphasized the refueling aspect of the landing sites. Maybe levitating is energetically cheap, but cloaking is expensive. Or they need to top off the batteries after a long interstellar journey so their weapon systems are fully charged for invasion.

But then again, none of the things the Vs have done thus far required revealing themselves. They can get water and phosphorus from lots of places. They’ve already had agents on the ground for years, so they could easily abduct random test subjects. They can easily obtain DNA samples surreptitiously if they just want various pieces of genetic data. (Although epigenetic expression of traits may require study of the subject, so you’d just abduct those people)

If they need the magic wunderkind Tyler Evanses, it’s not that hard to abduct them. It’s not like they’re under lock and key. They have plenty of covert operatives in place to find out where people are and take them.

I’d keep the ships cloaked or undetectible on the far side of the moon and if a military invasion is needed, it’s not like the humans have the technology to effectively strike back. Even if they did, you’d just do hit and run strikes with your superior space ships and once you’re cloaked the humans can’t prevent you from getting away.