V: who is a lizard?

Who is a lizard?


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Vaarsuvius was a lizard for about a score of strips, but that was only temporary.

Seriously, though, what is this about?

The ABC remake of the TV program V.

Everybody’s a lizard.

I voted for Head Priest and the JTF Agent that looks like Torie.

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My bet is that the cute blonde glasses-wearing reporter’s coworker is a lizard.

And this reminds me- I kinda wish they’d never shown the Visitors in this series to be lizards. It’s kind of a cheesy idea as it is, we knew it was going to happen, and I think it would’ve been better if we’d always been kept wondering.

Yeah, but it’s a remake.
Hmmm…V without lizards.
That would have been interesting. They could have done it like The Invaders.

Perhaps so. Almost everyone was a Cylon.

Blond FBI agent as a rogue. Taking bets now.

No way. Ron Moore did not write this. :slight_smile:

I think the head priest is too obvious. It really could be any of them, though.

If this series didn’t go with lizards, I would’ve been cool with that… but they’d definitely need to be something creepy as shit underneath their human albumen. Like something more amorphous and eel like? Humanoid aliens… sigh

To take a page from Red Dwarf, the "V"s could have been GELFs (Genetically Engineered Life Forms), instead of lizards, specifically, Pleasure GELFs, a PG will appear to the person viewing it, to be their ideal mate**, when in actuality, their true form is a large amorphous blob

that would have explained why Lizard!Inara appeared to everyone as an attractive female, and in fact why most of the Lizards appear as idealized, attractive humans, it’s because it’s what we wanted to see
** Kryten saw the PG as a female 4000 series Mechanoid, a GTI model with realistic toes and a slide-back sunroof head
Lister saw the PG as a boozing slacker like him
Rimmer saw the PG as another hologram with the same interests as him (telegraph poles, morris dancing, Hammond Organ music)
Cat saw the PG as another one of him (Heartbreaker!)

And Londo saw…nothing.


I voted for the head priest. He’s got just a little too much of a hard on for the Visitors. Obviously someone in the FBI is a lizard but I can’t decide if it’s the head guy, the Visitors Threat Assessment girl, or someone in the background.

Well there is a cylon on V (Tory).

Hmm, head priest would be too obvious (he’s being set up as being a fake, I think – somebody everyone suspects to be a villain, but who ends up being a good guy in the end), and so would head FBI guy, though it’d be interesting to have him be a rogue V – the blond FBI lady eventually discovers the reason for his cold-bloodedness is actual cold blood, but doesn’t catch on to the fact that he’s on her side nevertheless, and hijinks ensue. The fat kid would be an interestingly non-obvious choice, but why would the V’s put one of theirs in such an ineffectual position? He’s not exactly in a position of power… And having good lizard’s gf be a lizard as well would just be too much double-crossing the double-crosser – an unlikely and unbelievable pairing to occur by chance, and if she, and by extension the V council, knows that he’s a rogue lizard, why let him go free at all?

So just to choose one, I’ll go with the black FBI lady, though I can’t really think of any good reason for her to be one. Really, though, I hope it’s somebody(s) not yet on people’s radars; blond journalist is a nice choice, I think.

OK, did I miss something? By “Black FBI lady” are you meaning the one who came and interviewed the priest? She’s not black, she’s Indian, isn’t she?? It’s the chick who played Torie on BSG. Was there some other FBI person I missed?

I was confused too. I think they’re talking about the Indian lady from BSG.

The lady in question is played by Rehka Sharma, who is most decidedly of Indian extraction, though she is, in fact, Canadian.