Vague sci-fi show question.

Okay I used to watch a show, fairly sure it was sci-fi, I think it was dubbed and I think one of the ships was called Hispaniola? Does anyone have a clue what I’m on about? Set in near future with flying cars/ships I think. No other memories. Soz.

Hispaniola is a ship from Treasure Island, isn’t it? There was a spanish version of it made in 1987 that was SF. And of course there was Disney’s Treasure Planet.

A spanish sci-fi version of Treasure Island would make sense. Hmmmm.

Skyland? Is animated, but dubbed from French. Has a ship call the Hyperion and a place called Puerto Angel. “The series is set on Earth during the 23rd century, at which time the planet has been shattered into millions of pieces; known individually as Blocks, and collectively as Skyland, which orbit around a central core.”

No, this was a live action series.

Further to the spanish Treasure Island version I found earlier, there is this.

Treasure Island in Space?

Live action, dubbed, and truly awful. And it was shown on RTE on Sundays just after 6pm IIRC, probably about twenty years ago. On IMDB it’s described as an eight-hour mini-series, but I seem to remember it cut up into half-hour chunks.

I vaguely remember a big, silvery saucer-shaped (or really hatbox-shaped) spaceship with lots of flame coming out of the bottom: sound familiar?

Check out the screenshots!

I can’t find the thread now but someone posted awhile back that they were under the mistaken impression as a child that this was the premise of The Jetsons

That sounds like the one all right. I don’t recall how shit it was but I know I did watch at least 2 episodes.

My memory is shot. I went looking for this vague memory again and found my own thread!

See you in 2020!