Valerie Bertinelli gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Story here.

Just had to share I guess.

She seems like a nice enough sort as well as talented and beautiful, so why not.

Now they just have to cover the woman who babysat for Hank in “The Man Who Knew Too Much.”

Clearly, whoever decides on those types of things was a 14-year-old boy when *One Day at a Time *was a hit in the 1970’s. Or a HUGE Van Halen fan who thinks the band couldn’t have put out another Van Hagar Pepsi-fest CD in the 90’s if Valerie wasn’t keeping EVH off the booze for a bit longer…

Otherwise, I got nuthin’…

She’s got my vote.

She’s currently starring in Hot in Cleveland with Betty White and others.

Also, while I don’t have a cite, I believe I heard that (almost?) all you need to get your own star is money. The stars actually pay for the star, generating money for the city.


There’s a fee involved. But it’s usually paid for by a fan club that nominates the person, or some rich Hollywood benefactor. People nominated aren’t considered unless they agree, so some of the bigger stars who don’t have stars may have declined. There are plenty of other minor players among the cast of thousands selected for that honor. Which may be why some people decline.

Take a look at the list of people who have stars sometime. Pretty much any hack can get one.

That used to be the case. They claim they have tightened the rules (while still charging $30K) but it still looks really skeevy with all too many of the flavors of the month getting a star right out of the box. Especially when the celeb is about to release a movie or record. Corporate pull matters a lot. So Viacom bought a star for an actress on one of their shows. That’s all. Disney has bought several, including Tinkerbell’s.

Fun fact: Shrek and George Harrison got stars before Paul McCartney did.

Heck all she’s known for is a tv show and a few made for tv movies. Twenty years ago.

That earns a Hollywood star these days? Ok, I got a bridge I’ll sell you too.

And married to a famous rock star. And on a hit comedy series right now. But yeah, by that standard why doesn’t Wendie Malik have one?

Wait a minute. Maybe Wendie does have one. For all I know maybe even the guy who played Sneider has one.

Well, he did play the voice of The Inspector in the Pink Panther cartoons. If that doesn’t deserve a star…

She was also on “Touched By An Angel” from 2001-2003, which was a hugely popular show on CBS, so it’s not like she disappeared since ODAAT.