Vancouver/PNW/DFW Dopefest!

Zyada is coming to Vancouver, and would like to meet all the Dopers from this area.

I’m thinking of dinner on Saturday, January 13, 2001. (I just wanted to type the year on that!) Of course, I have no idea just where, but I’ll get to that. We could do seafood, or Chinese, or ???.

Anybody who’s interested, please post, and mail me at

I’ll be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m not cultivating sore legs and risking severe injury in Whistler, I’ll be there (wherever “there” is: any variety of food is fine; lowest variety of prices a preference).

And just to clarify, you are talking about Vancouver, B.C., as I gather from your EB posts.

Hi rjk~

I can get free that day, is anyone coming from the Seattle area who could stop in Bellingham and pick me up? Or even drop someone off so I don’t have to drive to Vancouver alone? I would prefer not to drive up by myself.

But, either way, I will plan on coming.


Good thing you’ll be there, Zyada, since it’s all in your honour! :wink:

Yes, aviddiva, Vancouver, B.C. And isn’t dinner with Dopers better than any damaged leg? And Whistler isn’t safe, I hear, even if you don’t ski.

Scotti! I was hoping you’d be able to make it! If nobody volunteers, we’ll start spamming everybody from the Seattle area until somebody picks you up.

Come on, everybody. Don’t make me keep bumping this by myself.

I don’t know… I’ve successfully avoided Vancouver thus far.

C’mon Burny! You’ll get to meet a belly dancer and everything!

And better yet, you’ll meet me too! (I’ll say anything to bump this thread! But I have read your posts, and really would like to meet you!)

I would love to go, but for the fact that I’m in Prince George…

Rest assured if I were still living in the valley I would’ve been there.

Good Morning, Starshine
You light up my day…

[sub]This is what I get for listening to an oldies station in the morning[/sub]

I’m jealous! I wanna come too. :frowning:

The chance to meet Scotti and visit with rjk again and I can’t get away. ::sniff::

Corvus, Grace, sorry to hear you can’t make it. (Although P.G. isn’t all that far! :wink: )

Next time!

Maybe I should smuggle Grace in my luggage. Think she’d go through customs?

I wish I could try! I’d better start my weight loss plan so I fit in the carry-on luggage.

Yay! Please bring Grace, pretty pretty PLEASE?


I’d have to start some serious weight training, too. (I don’t think I could lift Kate Moss right now)

get thee to the first page

hee hee, I am officially now DYING to meet aviddiva, TOO!


Are you going to be able to drag Jovius to this thing or are you still mad at him for the pic in the people pages?