Attention, PNW Dopers!

I am sorry to get myself together so late, but the PNW Dopefest is a go for November 17th.

Johnny LA will be in Bellingham on that date, and he is going to try to join us. If he can coerce his Bellingham friend to join us, that is.

So, who is up for this gathering?


JayLa? Cervaise and katrina?

Is ANYBODY out there?

Where is it?
I’m in Northern California, near Redding.
The California dopers want to have theirs in San Luis Obispo, I’m lookin for a better offer!!!

Well, dragonlady~

Thanks for responding, although we may be a teensy bit north for you. As in, 30 miles south of the Canadian border.

Although we do have an airport, and JohnnyLA and I would be GLAD to see you!

( so far, it looks like it’s just going to be the two of us, plus friend)



I talked to my fiend yesterday, and it looks good for the gig on the 17th.

Thanks, Scotti!

Well, I’m performing in a play, and that’s our closing weekend, so I wouldn’t be available on 11/17 until well after 10pm, maybe closer to 11. If you think it’ll go that long, then sure, count me in.

What, you expect me to read the boards on the weekends? g

I’d like to be there … how long of a drive from the Seattle area is it, Scotti? Anyone interested in carpooling?

Sorry for the slow response, was in Victoria since Friday…

I’ll probably need some directions, and I don’t know a durn thing about Bellingham, so just tell me where to go :wink: and I’ll get there.

JayLa, carpooling sounds good to me…


I was starting to feel invisible~should have know better than to start a thread like that on a weekend.

As soon as we have some idea who is coming, I can start looking around for a restaurant. My friend eats out a lot, and she has given me some ideas. Then I can give directions and all that good stuff.

Bellingham is about 80 miles North of Seattle, straight up the freeway. I will take into account the ease of finding the resaurant into account while I am deciding where we should go.

I think we should go with 7PM again, so everyone has plenty of time to get here.

Cervaise, if you left Seattle at 11PM, you wouldn’t be in Bellingham until 12:30. I am so sorry, because I was looking forward to seeing you and katrina again. You are good people!

But, we will do this again, I am sure. OTOH, if you meant you would be done in time to GET to B’ham by 10 or 11, I don’t know-maybe it could still work out for you?

Pluto, are you going to be able to come? And as this gets closer, maybe I can get email addresses for the other people in the area. I know that you had a list at one time.

I am also assuming that Niggle will be coming, but I haven’t heard from him as yet.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you!



Hopefully I’ll be able to make it. I won’t know for sure until closer to the date. Things are kind of up-and-down at work right now. =P

Keep the thread alive so I’ll remember closer to the date!


Maybe I’ll be there too, if I can arrange a ride. (Niggle? If you’re going …)

I’ll keep an eye on the thread.

I am soooo there!

I emailed lissener about this and he said:

What do you think, should we let him come along? :wink:

Aww, let him come. But no cookies.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be a party without lissener!


I’ve been away awhile but I’m back. It looks good for me on the 17th. I’ll have to coordinate with Mrs. Pluto and also Plutinus Segundus, who’s attending WWU.

Relatives notwithstanding, I’m not planning on spending the night in Bellingham and would also like to carpool if possible. The largest car we own (Honda Civic) only holds four people, but if that’s all we need I’ll be happy to drive. Would need to find a place to meet, obviously. I think I’m starting the furthest south (Kent) if we discount Northern Cal so I could make stops in Bellevue and/or Seattle without too much trouble.

Huh. I thought Nothern Cal was on the way :wink:


Word from B’ham: “yes!!!
black cat doth rock man!”

So I have narrowed the restaurant down to one, “The Black Cat,” as Johnny said. It is in Fairhaven, which is the oldest part of Bellingham, and has lots of neat restored buildings. The Black Cat is in one of those.

Does 7PM sound good, or do you southerners want to make it later?