Vanity, thy name is SolGrundy

I like it, but the “without” is so dark I can’t see.

Facial hair is one of my favorites. On men of course. On me, not so much.

Mmmm, goatees. :smiley:

I’m surprised to say this, but you look way better with the goatee, and normally I hate goatees. Maybe cause that pic is clearer, I dunno.

But you’re cute either way.

Definitely better without the goatee. You’re just covering up a very handsome face with it.

Although, I’ve seen you with it, and thought you were quite attractive. In the pictures you posted, perhaps the goatee is just a little too overgrown.

Now you just need a little eyebrow shaping, and you’ll be quite dapper. :wink:

Do the harem get to play with each other even when you’re at work?

As long as the one I desire can perform when summoned, knock yerselves out, I say. :smiley:

I prefer the goatee. Could just be the smile in that pic though.

I think you look much younger without it.

Isn’t that exactly what you don’t want them to do?

Ah, I can sympathize with how you fell about the Goatee, having one myself. Having a goatee is adddictive. I grew my first, hmmm… must’ve been my senior year in high school. Now I’m on my third. I haven’t been able to go more than a month between shaving one, and begining to grow another. So, you’ll hve the goatee back… weather you to or not! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

He’s gay? Ah, geez. grumbles :frowning:

Sol, you’re far too adorable (I like you without the beard, but that’s just me).

I dunno. Might be fun if I were in the mood to just watch. :smiley:

While I think you are quite handsome either way (personal preference is without), there is the point that watching someone continuously scratching a beard isn’t, well, particularly attractive.

gasp Voyeur! :wink:

Where’s Ink a dink a dink when you need her? She’s an admitted voyeur, too. Bet she loves that status though: SDMB Voyeur.

Well, not so much voyeur as live gay dinner theater. :smiley:

Better than those “murder” dinners!

In this case, he’s taken and gay.

Sol, you could have asked for a consult, dammit. Still, you do still bring the hotness without it. Possibly more hotness, even. Closer examination will be required before I can pronounce my final diagnosis.

Say, Friday, around seven?

Aww geez, get a room already. Oh, wait, that what you’re talkin’ about. :smiley:

I still say the goatee is better.

About this harem you speak of. . . how do I get an application and is there a dental plan?

Watch the teeth!

And if I could have an app please?

Can I be the token straight, married guy in the harem? I’d hate to think that all the cool people were leaving me out. Are a shaved head and a goatee qualification enough, because I already have those. :smiley: