Vehicular Nakedness

Every driven an automobile naked? If so, when was the last time? Anyone ever dared motorcyle nudity? What about when you were a passenger in said vehicle?

Me: Yes, about 10 days ago. Drove for about 7 miles. Wasn’t the only one naked either. I’ve done it in years past, but this was the most recent.

So fess up. Who else?

Never. The world would never be prepared for that.

I’m not going to ask you to elaborate on the nakedness of you or your companion in said vehicle 10 days ago. Of course, if you feel inclined to spill your guts, well, this is the thread for it! :wink:

I was a nakkid passenger just two days ago! Dancin’ in the seat on all fours. ( I was on my way home from the bar. )

I have never been nakkid on a motorcycle, although one time I do do the wild thing on one. ( not while it was going anywhere, though.)
The last time I was a nakkid driver was probably about 10 years or so ago. Generally if I am nakkid in car, I am not alone, threrefore not the driver. Its been an interesting life…

I wouldn’t even be able to get to my car naked.

I went topless with a bra one night, whilst my bestest pal drove us around the mall area, also sans top. Why? We were bored and seniors in high school. Ain’t that reason enough?

Umm, I did forget to mention being naked with bf on a long road trip. Twas (yeah, I typed “twas”… sue me) very dark and the road was deserted, and we were being naughty. Not too naughty as he was driving and I would have kicked his ass if he had gotten into an accident somehow. Can you imagine?? Holy crap, how does one explain that to the cops? Or the parents?

Just watch that scene of Steve Martin and movie wife driving home while he was “tense” in Parenthood and you’ll sort of understand my point. shudder

It was hot as hell in Arizona one August as I was riding with the ex in a Bronco II with no A/C. In some of those quiet spots my ass was as bare as the day I was born.

I should add I was the passenger, and it was about ten years ago. For about two hours.

Yes, I have started a thread on the subject Nakedness and the Naked Truth, or something along those lines.

About three years ago, I was a casino dealer in Mississippi. We were required to wear long sleeved shirts with vests. The cooling system in the place was not the best and I would toil over my 21 game sweating like a pig. I told some of my regulars that one day I was going to strip butt naked and drive home.

Well, one night I did just that. Now, I got off work at 4 AM. The drive was in the Mississippi delta. Unless I was pulled over, was not going to get caught. I didn’t, and I stripped down to nothing, no underwear, no socks. Nothing but my penis and my good looks. It was a dumb thing to do, but what the hell, that is my life.

NOw, I have changed clothes in my car driving down the interstate going 75-80 MPH. The only thing bad is pulling the shirt over your head, and putting on the pants. But the procedure took a short time to do.

I have also shined the flagpole on long trips. That’s dangerous.

“I have also shined the flagpole on long trips. That’s dangerous.”
Oh, boy…

Long trips? Pshaw. I’ve done that on the way home from work.

Woohoo!! I’m not the only perv here.

Homebrew my friend, are you saying you committed Vehicular Homocide? :smiley:

Okay, I think we should add this question to the OP, so here’s some additional questions for everyone to answer.

Ever masturbated while driving or being driven? Ever been caught by someone other than a passing motorist (e.g. the cops)? If you were naked in a moving vehicle, was it during the day or at night?

Me: Yes on masturbation, though vehicle control gets a little iffy at a certain moment. No, never been caught by anybody (yet). Driven both during the day and at night.

For those that may want to know why I was out driving naked with someone at 3 am just 10 days ago, well, I may post a thread in the not so distant future about the whole ordeal. A long, long thread, in a galaxy far, far away. Stay tuned.

Shoot, I forgot to add one more:

Ever changed clothes while driving?

Me: Yes, and the most difficult maneuver I’ve ever pulled off was putting on a pullover sweater while smoking a cigarette and hauling ass at 80mph. Don’t try this at home kids.

I tried to talk my gf into stripping at least part way while we were driving cross-country one time. She told me she’d consider it once the sun had gone down, but then refused. Kind of surprised me considering some of the other semi-public places where she had done similar things – the bra-less unbuttoned sundress on a picnic in a public park, lowering her top while playing in the waves at the seashore, etc. But since it wasn’t her idea…

Driven naked - yes
masterbated - no
received oral while driving - yes, many times
changed clothes - yes
fingered wife to orgasm - yes (no way to give her oral while she was driving)

Haven’t driven naked, or otherwise been naked inside a moving car. Haven’t been in a situation where I could see what the point was. I have changed clothes while driving; I’ve both masturbated and gotten head while driving. (Not at the same time!) Changing clothes was easily the most dangerous of those. It really isn’t particularly hard to steer straight while climaxing.

Haven’t been fully naked or masturbated or gotten head; I guess I’m boring. I did strip to underwear once so I could change into a tuxedo while driving. The cummerbund was an interesting challenge.

And when I was in college, my horny-as-hell then-girlfriend hiked up her skirt in the passenger seat so I could fingerbang her.

That’s about all.

Changed clothes while driving : Yes
Given road head : Yes
Masterbated while driving : Yes
Masterbated while in the passenger seat : Yes
Been pulled over by the cops : No
Been seen by others while they passed by : Yes

Da Toad, cruise control is your wife’s friend. ( and a little bit of flexability )
And all of these things happened recently, by recently I mean with in the last year or so.
I told you its been an interesting life.