Venture Bros. 07-16 question SPOILERS? Why bother?

That episode was so surrealistic and disjointed I don’t think you could lead anyone to a conclusion even if you posted a transcript of the entire show.

That said, I alternated between picking my jaw out of my lap, and laughing my ass off. But in the scene where Dr. Venture, Master Billy Quizboy, and Whitey get distracted from their task of rebuilding the (oh, all right) shrink raywhat game have they been playing?

Hee hee. “I didn’t underschkand the queskion!”

Yeah, Clarissa. Explain it all.

Such a simple line, delivered to perfection.

That might be my new favorite Venture Bros. episode, and I’ve seen most of them. I wish more of adult swim’s forays into the bizarre were this funny.

OK, I missed last weeks, but am I safe in asuming that it was NOT “Escape to the House of Mummies” part 1? And that, odds are, next week will not be part 3?

And who provided the voice of Orpheus’s mentor/Cerberus? It sounded so familiar?

“Think about my daughter! She is kissing you! She’s using her tongue! There, I know where you are!”

So…Dr.O has boner-location spells? :wink:

It sounded like H. Jon Benjamin.

(Voice of Coach McGuirk and Jason on Home Movies, Ben on Dr. Katz, Satan on Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, a couple one-off characters on ATHF, etc., etc.)

Right and right.

Turns out it was H. Jon “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” Benjamin. The gross-out gags there were actually the weak point of the episode for me.

Actually, anything the Coach Mcguirk voice says has me rolling on the floor. So the dog was the shizzle in the -dad99 household last night.

Additionally, I believe that was Stephen Colbert providing the “Previously on The Venture Bros.” announcer voice.

My DVR died and I MISSED it. AUGH!

“Nice shooting, William Burroughs. You’re holding that gun like a guy who plays Riven.”

I almost died laughing.

Who was that Aztec-looking guy that mummy-Dean was riding?

The Perfect Man, from the prologue.

I was a bit bothered by how much of a dick Dr. Orpheus was to Triana, I like the idea of him being a doting father and Triana healthy and well-adjusted, in contrast to Dr Venture and the Boys.

That was " the perfect man" introduced in the fake “last week on the venture bros.” intro.

When the heck it Lucy the Daughter of the Devil coming back? Did it get picked up?

“What are the odds of getting, on a coast guard cutter, in the middle of the ocean, steaming hot cocoa with cinamonon shavings?”

“eesss possible…”

“eess not possible!”

Another hit! They’re really rocking the second season so far. Structurally, this episode was just genius.

The “Poe as Tauntaun” bit alone was worth the price of admission.

I think they were just listing which women were their guilty pleasures. Well, except for Billy.

“It’s just a flashlight - KILL HIM!”

I love this show

Watch it here:

Thanks, I’ll give it a whirl this evening.

Ah … I missed the prologue. Reason to watch it again Thursday night!

Sorry, I guess I’m too stupid, since I could only find the next episode, not the previous one that this thread is about.

Any help?

Nope. Escape to the House of Mummied Pt II is what we’re talking about.

There is no pt I.