Venture Brothers 10/24

More juicy info about Dr. Girlfriend, fascinating! Also more backstory on the League of Calamatous Intent.

I guess the ending was kind of predictable- after all, why would the League go after the Monarch when he isn’t even a member?

Isn’t he? When Dr. Venture cited “Rusty’s Law” from the League’s handbook the Monarch complied. He also filed a team-up form with the Baron to the League.

Not the funniest episode, but good plot.

Come on Monarch. Get out of this.

Interesting episode—if kind of a downer. Probably the most “serious” one I’ve seen, so far.

Well, its clear that the league is a self-regulating body, which is bent on making sure they don’t have to deal with open resistance from the government. Hence, they punish their own accordingly, which explains why Brock was content to just let the League agents do their thing in the courtroom and pretend like nothing happened.

Monarch is NOT a member of the league- when Dean was flipping through the book, he noticed “Monarch’s name wasn’t on the roster”. So the League would have little to do with the Monarch despite what he may think. In the ep where Underbite and Monarch team up, remember it is Underbite who suggests that they call the League for permission, not Monarch- I think the Monarch is more of a loose cannon but so pathetic in his own right they kind of leave him alone. When he got sent to prison, I was half expecting them to show him getting brutalized by inmates or something :eek:

I thought it was a great episode.

…beating his invisible meat!


The music that played when the lawyer talked was fantastic.

“Ah’m workin’ as hard as cat tryin’ to bury his feces on a marble floor!”
I can’t wait 'til this starts coming out on DVD.

Did anyone else think that when the voice of the Little Lawyer was first heard that he would turn out to be a giant chicken?

I thought it was a great episode (“Mecha-shiva! Mecha-shiva!”), but still wonder what the first five minutes had to do with the overall story (at first, I thought it was a glimpse into the future, especially with H.E.L.P.E.R. resembling that robot from Lost In Space (modern version)). And a few other things confused me about the episode:

So the League was after the Little Lawyer for… something and decided to set him up using the fortuitus breakup between the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend. They then made it seem like the police officer called to the scene of the domestic disturbance was vaporized, but in reality, he just underwent an identity change while the Monarch was dragged away (“Do I have an erection? I feel like I do.”), knowing that the agreement that the League has with the police would force them to prosecute this arch-villian-with-feelings (“I’ll be in my room! Crying!”). They knew that this would bring the Little Lawyer out of hiding… for some reason… and thus would give them their chance to punish him. And not caring about the Monarch, they just let him get thrown in jail. How in the world, though, did they think, “Ah, the Monarch broke up with Dr. Girlfriend! Now’s our chance to get the Little Lawyer!”?

I loved the show, but as usual, thought it was way too short and could have used another half hour or so. I also thought it was amusing that the stone statue in the beginning (which was amazingly like the one at the end of the Lupin the Third and the Treasure of the Sorcerer King game, the scene of which I had arrived at just prior to viewing the show) was using the lightsabre-like weapons that looked near duplicates of the ones in Read Or Die, which followed the Venture Brothers.

It was the brothers’ version of some event in the past, and their portrayal of it was inherently funny. Not being related was no big deal, because Monarch was acting as his own lawyer and presumably ended up getting the testimony from those doofuses by accident or something. That’s what I fugured, anyway.

I figured the prosectuting lawyer put them on the stand as character witnesses, to demonstrate what an awful guy the Monarch is, and they kinda lost control.

What did Hank say just before Brock turned around and said “Honestly, Hank, where do you pick up these things? I never see you read anything.”

I can’t remember what Hank said, but it was just something characteristically non-sequitiur as is most of the stuff that comes out of his mouth :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember, Phantom Limb still had it out for Dr. Girlfriend. He was hitting on her at the yard sale a few episodes past. I kind of see this as sort of a win-win situation for Phantom Limb- he gets his ex-girlfriend back, and he captures Tiny Lawyer. I would imagine that Phantom Limb was probably following them around. It is also possible that one of Monarch’s henchmen is a league agent, and he was the one that wrote the book which touched off the fight in the first place. It is also crucial that the Monarch remains Dr. Venture’s arch-villan, because it keeps pressure off the activities of the Leauge of Calamatous Intent.

Favorite quotes:

Monarch: "Look at these pictures of you! This costume you wore shows way too much skin! What, was this picture drawn by Frank Frazetta?(sp?) :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this was funny because the artist he mentions is known for making really provocative illustrations.

Dr. Girlfriend: “See, you should have replaced his blood with acid after you set the pihranas after him. Now they won’t touch him!”

Monarch: “Oh, I guess you’re right. RELEASE THE GIANT HAIR DRYER!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the League: “They’re on the level and never let dames get in the way!” or some sort of horribly 30’s-pulp era thing like that.

“If you’re through trying to castrate a priceless antiquity… face the Monarch!”

I’ve been saying this all weekend. I imagine Chris Katan playing the Monarch in the live action movie.


Geez, and did you see Dr. Girlfriend’s “Queen Etheria” costume? Can they show that much animated skin on CN?

Apparently so.

The Mecha-Shiva bit nearly killed me.

As did Orpheus’s exit from the bathroom, and the subsequent revelation that in that process, the hair marking the door had been disturbed.

I loved when he was checking out the gum on the water fountain, trying to figure out the “clue.” Another favorite:

[spoiler]Guild Henchman: [wispering to Brock through bathroom door] Mr. Samson, thanks for into interfering. The guild really appreciates it.

Brock: [annoyed] Whatever![/spoiler]

I find it hilarious that Brock can pretty much slaughter villians en masse and wreak havoc at will to such an extent, that a top-secret Guild operation includes a non-interference thank-you.

It had it’s serious moments, but overall I loved it. I was overjoyed to see the Nechromonica, or whatever the name of the book in the Evil Dead movies is, and I hope they continue having over the top characters sprout lines after coming out of the bathroom. I think a week or two ago someone quoted the Monarch as saying “I will not flush! Le them see the wrath of the Monarch!”, this week it was the Taco Bell line by a different character.

Sneak peak of next weeks episode here. Requires Realplayer. Looks like it’s going to be another great one :smiley: .

How big do you guys think this show is going to get? It seems the more you know, the funnier VB is, so how many people are going to like it as much as we do? I for one am hoping for at least a straight to video movie somewhere along the lines.

The Monarch would shoot a dart in your head if he heard you say that. C’mon, he’s not so pathetic. He’s rid himself of a few enemies in past episodes, and anyone that can lock horns with Underbite gets my respect.

He’s funny. Brock would kill him in a half second, yet in the “Rusty’s Rule” episode, Monarch had the whole Venture team tied up and about to die, and in the yard-sale espisode he dropped two or three security guys like it was nothing. Still, he is pretty comical.

That clip is funny.

I loved Brock’s line to Hank: (probably paraphrasing)

“Where do you come up with these things, do you channel dead crazy people or something?”

Dean: Do you think its a desperate cry for help?
The more I think about this episode, the more I enjoy it. Mecha-shiva!

What the hell is Dean doing in jail in that clip?