vermin. horrible. little. vermin.

I hate kids. I hate kids when they’re screaming at the top of their lungs at 3 am. I hate kids when they’re crawling over the booths in to my section in restaurants. I hate it when they decide that it is OK TO THROW FOOD AT OTHER PATRONS. I especially hate it when they decide to sing songs, loudly and off key, which they DO NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND and GOOD LORD WHERE ARE THEIR FUCKING PARENTS???!?!

What the FUCK are these shitheel bitches doing while “little Bambi and Yolanda” are fucking making everything unbearable for every other diner, employee and anyother person in a 100ft radius?? I have no clue, but jebus, people, keep your damn kids under control before I AM FORCED TO STUFF THEM BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM.

Take some initiative and have some common courtesy.

I know I am probably going to take a lot of heat from parental units. NO, I have no kids of my own (thank god), but I know rudeness and bad manners when I see it and hope that SOMEONE will curb it early on.

How about when they climb up onto your table and shit into your plate? Do you like that?

And cut it out with the double/triple posting, moron. You think I like cleaning up after you? Didn’t your parents teach you any manners?



I would like to stuff you back where you came from: a dog’s ass. You are below contempt. :mad:

I actually like kids, but I thought the OP was pretty funny all the same.

However, I don’t like your characterization of the kiddies as vermin - I think that title belongs to parents that refuse to have anything to do with keeping their kids under control.

I’ve got to agree with Alice - Save your anger for the parents, when your anger is justified at all.

Kids are filthy wild animals if left to their own devices for too long (I should know, I’ve got four of them :D). BUT - they’re also not adults. You can’t expect them to have 100% good manners 100% of the time. Kids throwing things is unacceptable. Kids singing is not. If you don’t like what they’re doing, speak to their parents. If the parents give you grief, speak to the manager. If the manager doesn’t agree with you, chances are it’s you that’s being the asshole.

But sitting in here ranting and raving about hating kids is just going to get you flamed.

Of course I was never a child.

If the OP were remotely well-reasoned or -thought-out, I would probably have some sort of intelligent reply. However, as the parent of children who actually behave in public, and to whom the OP apparently does not apply, I STILL have an urge to say, “Bite me, you hot-headed shitheel.” So maybe it IS how you say it, rather than what you say…

Jesus Christ, relax everybody!
glarGH has a valid complaint, it is the Pit after all!
Not all kids are evil, only some parents :wink:

He can’t be talking about my angel. She always sings on key even if she doesn’t understand the words.

Make sure to send her around to glarGH’s table while he’s got his nose in the chili beans. If he doesn’t stop snarfing to listen to her performance, have her throw a roll at him to catch his attention.

I’ve been over this cliff in the Pit once this week, already.

I pass. :stuck_out_tongue:

I fucking hate adults. The big-assed motherfuckers take up two seats on the goddamned train with all their shit-covered briefcases and hot coffee, spilling it on the goddamned seat like the pigs that bore them.

They shoot strangers in the head for shits and giggles, crash planes into buildings because they don’t like you, break into your frikkin house and steal your shit just because they want it. Don’t adults have any sense of decency?

I think we should put glarGH in a jar with the guy that hates old people and shake it up and watch them fight.

You’ll feel right at home at:

glarGH, ignore the literalists. There seems to be a backlash against over-the-top rants happening now. Irrational venting is currently being frowned upon. Fortunately, some, like Carine and myself, still maintain the ability to read between the lines and understand the points of a rant without nitpicking.

And Rockford, why don’t you pull your own head out of a dog’s ass, reread, and realize the rant is against the parents as much, if not more, than the kids. Parents should keep their children in control in public places and should not expect others to accept wild, uncontrolled behavior.

And before all the parents jump in, I’ve been there with my own handful of a child. It can be very tough to rein children in at times. But if you can’t, you should leave; you shouldn’t expect everyone else to suffer just because you want your Denny’s Big Slam (or whatever they call it).

I have been annoyed by childern in public many times, and on a few it was one of MY kids that was annoying me, but for the love of cheese…

Lighten the fuck up!

Some people seem to be too “sensitive” to be in public with regular humans. Life is messy and loud. Deal with it.

That’s just great. Now go post this in the seven hundred other pit threads where someone uses vile and offensive hyperbole in reference to picayune and mundane annoyances and you won’t look like a defensive bad parent.

Mr. Ike, my sincerest apologies to you for the multiposting. Rural Hawaii is not really known for its reliable internet. Kept timing out and giving me a “server not found” message. Like I said, I’m sorry about that. Also, I am female.

Rockford, honey, dearest. I don’t think that was very nice at all. I think I have a legitimate reason to write this , a rant about berzerk children and their neglectful, inconsiderate parents, here, in the Pit. You are entitled you your opinion, as is everyone. I’m gonna take this with a grain of salt, but , just remember, when they place the “sugar-cola-cake-punch-candy-CANDYY-CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”, hyperactive birthday swarm (sans adult supervision) next to your table, you can’t complain.

**For you with good kids, thank you for proving they all aren’t little demonlarvae. I wish there were more like you and yours.

It was a bad day. Boss’ kid and his friends singing that new Eminem song (the “I’m sorry Mama” one) at the top of their lungs, badly, in the office. They’re like 8 years old. Followed by little hellbeasts at Denny’s. b] D_Odds**, I think its the Grand Slam something or other. Followed by screamers at the department store. Its like having someone give you a shampoo with a cheese grater.

I don’t have much of a tolerance for bad behavior, by kids or adults. If you’re out in public, at least, attempt to be civilized human beings.

Oh. Okay.

So, uh…you doin’ anything Saturday night?

When is irrational ranting such as the kind in the OP not frowned upon?