Veronica Mars 2.04 "Green Eyed Monster"

Following the example from the Lost thread, I’m posting this prior to airing,hoping to get more people to watch this truly excellent show (or at least tape/TiVo it, while watching Lost).

The UPN website has this to say about tonight’s episode:

While dealing with her own relationship issues, Veronica helps a young woman discern her new fiancé’s intentions by posing as a sexy, available coed.

Not very informative, but I expect the ongoing plot lines to keep my interest up.

There’s also a clip of the teaser on upn’s site, if anyone can’t wait. I watched it last week, but I don’t remember what exactly happened. I do remember though that

it features the return of the Mars Investigations office and Wallace’s little brother. And the guy who called Alicia “Sherri” last week.

Interesting episode. Not quite as exciting as last week’s, IMO, but a solid effort.

So, the mystery guy is (perhaps) Wallace’s dad. But if Darrell is 7 then Wallace would have been old enough to remember his father, right? Unless they’re half brothers. That could be. Alicia has a son with mystery guy (I can’t remember remember the name that we hear), then they break up when Wallace is very young, she hooks up with someone else, who eventually turns out to be Darrell’s father and he somehow dies, and Wallace thinks that guy is his dad.

Hmm. But why would she keep this all hidden? And why did Keith think that he was a crook who’s wanted in Chicago when Lamb found out the truth? Did Alicia (purposely) give him the wrong name? Now I’ll have to watch again to see if the name Keith mentions and the one Lamb says are the same.

And is just me, or did Weevil’s talk with Veronica not really explain why his earring was outside the biker bar? Of course, it could just be a coincidence, if it’s one of his regular haunts.

Not much to say about the MOTW, though it did tie in nicely with what Veronica was feeling. I was thinking that with the jealiousy theme for the ep, that Veronica would be jealious of Logan and Kendall, but instead she’s jealious of Duncan and Coma Girl. I didn’t see that coming. Nice to see that Veronica didn’t transfer over Meg’s info though. That would have been over the line.

Oh, and Meg’s sister, last seen in Like a Virgin (and I was wondering if we’d see her) looked like she was wearing a school uniform when she came out of Meg’s room. Kinda funny if the writers came up with some backstory for her that includes her getting kicked out of Neptune for her wild ways and having to go to private school, considering how minor a character she’s been.

“coma girl”? (i missed the ep - i’ll catch it Sunday - but I’m ok with knowing in advance) do you mean Meg? - Is Duncan spending an inordinate amount of time at the hospital? I thought Veronica was his first, only, and true love?

Crazy Jealous MOTW Gir - is that “Jeannie” from last week’s Kareoke bit? because there was a hint of a setup there

I think the kid brother is a half brother, and Alicia/Sherrie left mystery guy when Wallace was but an infant, changed her name to avoid/delay being found, hooking up with ‘new guy’ soon after, and having Darrell with a man she intended to be with “forever” (as long as that lasted anyway), only to have him die on her. Since she was with him a while, it is understandable that Wallace knew him as “dad”.

Yeah, Duncan’s been visiting Meg at the hopistal every day, which he hadn’t told Veronica.

Nope. Totally new character.

I agree that it wasn’t as exciting as last week, but it was still damn good tv.

Nice to see Mac again – I was wondering if she made it to the 2nd season (I don’t THINK she was in any previous eps this season).

I don’t get the cop / criminal mixup either. I have it recorded so maybe I’ll double check the name(s) also.

There is some parallel between Meg’s info and the paternity test in season 1.(Veronica is tempted with info but does not submit)


I watched the episode again last night, and two different names are used for the cop. When Keith confronts him outside Alicia’s house he calls him “Carl Morgan” which I guess is the name Alicia gave him (and which, interestingly, the cop doesn’t correct) and when Keith goes to Lamb’s office, he again says “Carl Morgan” and talks about how he’s wanted for questioning in Chicago, which Keith must have gotten from a background check.

But when he talks to Lamb on the phone, Lamb says “Carl Morgan aka Nathan Woods”. So is Nathan Woods the cop’s real name and Carl Morgan some kind of undercover identity?

And at the end of the episode, Keith is talking on the phone with somone, checking up on Alicia, and he has a document that says “Sherrie Woods” (I might have misspelled the firstname, as I’m going from memory). So… Was Alicia married to this guy?

maybe they’re siblings…

I’m sticking to my con artist theory - only now I’m not sure which one of them is the con artist and which one is the victim

ok - I had to wait til yesterday to see the rerun but here’s my take

Sherri & Nathan were married long enough ago that he fathered Wallace, but she left soon after, taking Wallace with hre and changing her name to hide from Nathan. I agree Carl Morgan was an undercover name with a background to match. But I think Nathan was a bad cop, and an abusive husband

Now - have I missed something? Wasn’t Lamb kind of interested in Veronica last season? or was that a deputy we haven’t seen yet this season? And if it was Lamb, why is he being so nasty to her now?

That was Deputy Leo. He’s been in one brief scene this year, in a flashback in the premiere; he’s the one who comes to Veronica’s door looking for Logan.

Veronica and Lamb would be… odd. Leo was 20, I think, so it wasn’t a huge age difference between them. Lamb is probably more like 30, and even though Veronica is 18 now, that’s still a pretty big difference. Plus, he’s always been pretty much a dick to her (but then, I guess the same could have been said about Logan, and we know how that turned out).

Upon review of the line drawings in the opening credits, it does not appear that there is any correlation between the drawings and the characters with whom they appear. Wallace, for example, has a chalk body outline. The drawings seem just to be random “private eye” sorts of things.

So much for my hopes for Jackie’s OD and demise.

It’s such a shame more people aren’t watching this show. I was away from Wed-Sun and the first thing we watched Sunday night was VM. The only show I enjoy nearly as much is the much sillier but peopled with better looking men “Supernatural.”

Yeah, it’s my favorite show on currently as well. There’s a few other primetime shows I have Tivo set to record, but this is the only one I really look forward to.

Hang on – are you people saying that **Veronica Mars ** gets rerun on Sunday? Where? On UPN?

That’s so awesome, if true. I work late on Wednesdays and my VCR is … temperamental. You have my undying gratitude for alerting me to this important, important news.

I thought this ep was good. I love to hate the odious-yet-rather-sexy Sheriff Lamb, so I hope he continues to be a complete and utter bastard. I’m looking forward to lots of nasty politics in the upcoming sheriff’s race.

VM is my absolute favorite show. I watch it, and TiVO at the same time, so I can go back and rewatch the bits that amuse (pretty much the whole episode). Kristen Bell is an amazing actress, never more so than when she lets Veronica’s vulnerability peek out from the tiniest of cracks. And I get the most laughs out of her head-butts with Lamb the Toolish. The only thing I don’t like is her relationship with Duncan, he doesn’t seem to be on the same intellectual playing field, too blah and bland. Logan was someone she could (and does still) spar with, and you get that feeling of electricity. Duncan’s a dead battery.

It does here, though I’ve discovered that one of the UPN affiliates runs infomercials instead. I think it’s just supposed to run sometime over the weekend. Check your local listings!