Veronica Mars 9-28 SPOILERS

Did everyone remember to watch week 2?

I thought the episode was pretty strong. Paris Hilton was stunning, playing against type as a spoiled rich girl. Did she even have any lines?

I can’t tell the guys on the show apart yet. Duncan is the ex, right? And the new boy in town who’s angling to sweep VM off her feet is Troy? I have this ugly sinking feeling that down the road a piece we’re going to learn that Troy is part of some really sick and twisted payback scheme by the '09ers.

The Lily Kane murder plot thickens. A ticket two hours after her alleged time of death? Interesting. Could there be a “Mom murders daughter because of freaky incest” plot brewing?

The one hugely false note that rang for me was VM’s pondering compromising her support for her dad an an entree back into the popular clique. At least one and probably more of them drugged and raped her. I’ve never been either a teenage girl or a rape victim, but I can’t imagine that VM would want for a second to get back in with this group, knowing that one or more among them were her rapist(s).

I saw it, but I kept wondering how long until this show goes the way of Jake 2.0 and gets the UPN axe.

I have nothing to add to this, except that they are going to be filming for this show half a block from where I live on Friday. The set may be a small hotel on the coast. I hope they are doing something interesting when we go to look, because they are taking up all the good parking spaces for 2 days. B@st@rds.

I’m really hoping they don’t have the motorcycle gang come in to dispense justice again next week.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused. Duncan is the ex-boyfriend, Lily’s sister, and the writer of the article Veronica took photographs for. But I was thinking he was also the one who invited her and Wallace to the party.

I’m also a little confused about Logan. Am I remembering correctly that Lily was his girlfriend?

I didn’t get that the speeding ticket was for two hours after her time of death; I thought, more to the point, that she was speeding at the time of her death…

Huh. I didn’t find it confusing at all. Excellent episode. Not as exciting as who killed Laura Palmer, but still, I’m intrigued. Plus, you know, hottie lead.

I’m a little distracted by how much everyone looks like everyone else. Duncan, the new guy, and the psycho guy all take me a minute to identify.

Unfortunately, that means that I go looking for identifiable features and end up thinking:

Psycho guy looks like Edward Norton and someone else I haven’t figured out yet.

New guy looks like a tall, skinny Sean Astin.

Duncan is the one who doesn’t look like Edward Norton or Sean Astin.

Too much work for my very small brain!