Very cool & fast

personality test/stress indicator…
(hope this works!)

I have had the book for about 12 years, and have tested many of my family and friends…its an amazing indicator of where you are in your head…try it, I want to know what you think!

shit! try this one

works!!! go to the second one!
My first attempt failed.

Dang! That’s really neat!

It’s way off, if you ask me. I can see myself having a 4 on the repression scale, but the personality stuff was almost entirely wrong.

DrainBead…try it a second time…dont try to recreate the first one, dont try to avoid the ones you picked either…empty your mind of thoughts on the color of your car, your fave shirt…etc, focus on each color and ‘try it on’ do you feel that color?

Pick your faves again this way and see how it comes out. :slight_smile:

Kelli **

Puh-leeze! Kelli, I like you a lot, but c’mon…

Check this out:

“You are responsive to anything esthetic and
“You feel that you have a right to anything you might hope for.”
“You are eager to make a good impression.”

And so on. It sounds a lot like a “cold reading” to me.

But it was fun anyway.

it should be different on different days, but here is mine…pretty damn accurate!

punch in:

Kelli **

Kel, freaky…that’s all I’ve got to say.

Some things were right on:

“You are active, outgoing, and restless. You feel frustrated by the slowness with which events develop along your desired lines.”

“You want to make a favorable impression and be recognized.”

Said some other things that I don’t necessarily agree with but maybe that’s cause I don’t see them as redeeming items.

My repression factor is 0, surprisingly enough since I’ve been pretty stressed about getting a new job.

Here’s my color order if anyone is interested: green, blue, yellow, red, violet, brown, gray, black.

I have done so many tests from this book on people, I can almost read the results without the book…
Bunn, from what you chose, I see peace&optomism, happiness, and passion, a fun, but not necessarily immature side, and that you will on occaision indulge a physical craving (sleep, sweets, sex- whatever) but you have these urges under control most of the time. You experience everything, avoiding nothing…as shown by your choices.

The book is fascinating…cant be fully appreciated in this format, its just a taste!

neat kelli I must say mine was right on. I didn’t read the book but it sounds like you did, what is this scale base on? Is it psycological or is there some sort of “meta-physical” behind it?

Bad spellers of the world… UNTIE

Hey, I just got a 2 on the repression scale. I seems pretty accurate to me. I know my life is much simpler since I adopted a new philosophy. “Do nothing, see what happens.”

Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.
- Ambrose Bierce

Here is mine (this is the first result, I took the test two more times and got the same thing on both).



I took another test that described me as being one who like to have control over themselves and their immediate surroundings. So, true.

Not sure about that. Doesn’t sound like me.

Not sure. Maybe I guess.

Huh? I don’t think so.

Not likely. Doesn’t describe me very well at all.

This would be true, for what stress I have.


Very true. See GD “It’s my liver…”

Very true.

Partially true. Used to be a real problem, but not as much anymore.

Not likely. I have always been described as very open-minded.


The last true. The other two … I don’t know.


I had a repression factor of 2.

It’s bernard, just under new management

yes, its all psycological (this Luscher guy is some famous german shrink)…I wish I could get you the book…wont fit through the fax though!

Hmmmmmmm. . . . . .

. . Uh . . . . . . .

      • Am I doing this right? - MC
      • Apparently not. Hey Euty, where did my quotes go? Is UBB case sensitive? - MC

Glitch…there is something to be said for brevity. :smiley:

Sure, to a point. But who isn’t like that?

This is where it goes from normal to histrionic. My accomplishments stand just fine on their own, thanks.

This is complete bullshit. Read my latest post on RMPSIMS6 for details.

Again, who doesn’t?

Once more, bullshit. One of the phrases I say most often about my life is “When is this all going to start feeling like work?” I may bitch a lot, but all in all, I’m happier than 99% of people my age, and probably happier than a great deal of people of any age.

Not suspicious, not restrained…I just prefer my own company over that of most people I know. I have some close friendships, but only with people I respect.

See above. Plus, I have some pretty interesting dreams that I want to accomplish, and I’ve been known to write. A lot. So much for that enthusiasm and imagination, eh?

No, no, no. The end result is the same, but the cause is very, very different from what they’re suggesting here.

[quoteYou keeps a careful and critical watch to see whether motives towards you are sincere. You maintain a watchfulness which easily develops into suspicion and distrust. Once bitten, twice shy; Your emotional disappointment has led to a watchful mistrust of the motives of others.[/quote]

a) These sentences seem extremely redundant to me.
b) And they’re still not right. I tend to trust people until they give me reasons not to, not the other way around.
c) Hi, Opal!

This is probably the most accurate thing in here. I do tend to bolster my self-esteem by examining my accomplishments. So does most everyone else I know.

I’m a freakin’ English major. Philosophy minor. I rarely deal with absolutes, and I think I would hate it if I had to have it that way.

Yeah…letting stress out is what this MB is for.

Sorry, Kell. The stuff that was right for me would be right for pretty much anyone, and the stuff that was wrong was really, really wrong. And I got the same reading twice in a row, without even trying. I just can’t pick them in any other order.

Kelli … see my reply on “Funny nicknames you have had” (i.e. in particular the one from High School).

Honestly, I didn’t (well, I didn’t think it would anyway) intend for it to come out that long. Things always look longer in the reply box, and I figured it wouldn’t be that long.

It’s bernard, just under new management