Very vaguely creepy: the YouTube version

We’ve done “share your YouTube links” for favorites, which usually means awesome and/or funny and/or interesting.

Okay. Now let’s do creepy.

Rather than over-explain the premise, just look at this.

Tell me that video isn’t a slow, ice-cold scalpel working its way into the foundation of your sanity.

Oh dear Og…My teeth are curling!
That IS creepy.

This video has brained my damage.
The other video that I can think of is the weird alien one. It’s a complex video but all I can remember in relation to it is ‘alien’ and ‘mostly black and white’ and ‘erratic camerawork’

edit: I often wonder what they add to the water in Japan.

きもぐるみのお着替えシリーズ第二弾そのニです ----> Kimo Gurumi’s clothes changing 2nd series number two.

And yes… creepy as hell.

Creepy would have been an alien bursting out of it’s chest.

If by “very vaguely” you mean “totally unbelieveably fucking”, then I agree with your premise.

Should have explained more, not creepy in the least.

Okay, that was a guy, right? Eww. Yep, creepy.

Someone shared this in another thread. It makes me uncomfortable to even think about it.


(Sorry, I guess this one isn’t really keeping with the “very vaguely” part of the thread title either. ;))

I feel like I am on some FBI watchlist having viewed that.

There is tons of overt stuff.

These are the ones that are creepy to me.

That’s the one I was talking about.

Do I have to watch the whole thing? Can you just tell me where the stupid bits are?

Two seconds and I had to click it off!

Do you mean the Gray being interrogated? THAT is some special effects there!

(I hope!)

I’m not clicking till I know more!

Why did I click on that? AARRRGGGHH!!! The eyes, they bleed!!

It simply confirms that there are some sick, sick people in this world.
This makes my toes curl.

What in the holy fuck, Cervaise? That’s not very vaguely creepy, that’s…ugh. shudders

This one makes me laugh and creeps me the fuck out at the same time.

Pickle Surprise

I feel the need to share it everyone i know.