Vice City 100% complete - can it be done?

I’m currently trying with my 4th save file, as the other attempts were skuppered by unique jump glitches.

The only missions that might be a problem are the paramedic missions (to level 12!) and fire missions. The vigilante missions should be easy using the hunter.

I just want to get 100% to prove to myself its possible! Also, you get two body gaurds supposedly. Anyone here attempted it?

i’ve gotten 96%, but i can’t get 2 of the unique jumps to freaking work (and i’m not sure which ones they are), and a package or two are still missing. But i haven’t played it in a while, since i got final fantasy tactics. I’ll probably start a new game eventually, and go for the packages/jumps asap so i don’t forget which ones i already have.

Thats exactly what happened to me. There are some unique jumps which you can do, but the game doesn’t register them. I had a particular problem with the one on the East island just north of the Ocean View hotel, where you go from the wall next to the beach and jump the stairs case going west, to land or hit the police building. I did the jump over and over but it didn’t register.

I suggest you start a new save file and do all jumps on the East island first, then after the west island opens do those. A good guide to help with the jumps is:

Also, use the PCJ600 for all the jumps, I found it the best vehicle.

The only problems I can forsee are the paramedic and fire missions.

Chiming in with 98%. Just one jump to go and the ambulance mission, but I haven’t played for a few months.

If you’re any good with a turret, the fire missions are a piece of cake.

i had problems with that one, i had to do it at an odd angle for it to work. I think one of the ones i need are from the bike jump thing also, but none of them register so i don’t know.
And trust me, i LOVE that bike!

Yes, I have 100% completion. Although I must say that without a “walk through guide” I would not have been able to do this. Way too much in that city for me to figure out on my own.

You do get two body guards to follow you (as long as they can keep up) for a small price.
You get 200 body armor and health
You get unlimited amo

I only accomplished this last week so I am not sure if I missed any other perks. I am trying to figure out what I am supposed to do now. Am I just supposed to go arounbd killing people? I am not sure.

Are you sure that you have the right Unique Jumps still to go. It is very important that you keep track. As said, use the PCJ600. The hardest one for me was going west over the river in front of the Malibu Club. If you didn’t hit this right it would not register. Your “slow down screen” should show your left side while jumping. I finally got this after a few hundred attempts.

Paramedic and Fire (especially) missions were tough. I found that if I changed the controls for the fire mission so I could access the water spray easier and while driving it was easoer (stil hard though) to finish.

The Walk through guide I used did not give cheat codes and the writer suggests that you do not use them either. He claimed that it could effect your 100% completion.

If you are interested in the walk through, go to and look under the GTA VC section.,. There are a bunch of hints, maps etc.

Good Luck.

Im currently at about 95% percent or so. I just have most of the rampages, cuban/hatian missions, paramedic and the stadium events left to do. I’m saving the gang missions for last since the last thing I need are some street punks shooting up my ambulance.(The Haitians hate you after you doublecross them in a mission) I played my friend’s 100% save, the bodyguards aren’t really that great, they have the intelligence of processed cheese, often walking into walls and getting stuck untill you go back and get them. Of course, loading them up in a car with you then dumping it into the ocean while you jump out is always fun.:smiley:

I’m now at 97%. I have completed everything except for:

Paramedic mission to level 12
1 hidden package
1 rampage

Everything else is done, including all checkpoint races, stadium races, fire, pizza, vigilante etc etc.

I got to level 11 on paramedic, then ran over and killed a patient on the beach in the rain. Frustrating is not the word to describe it.

I’ve resorted to using a walkthrough map to find the packages/rampages, but there are one of each I just can’t find. If my game has glitched and a rampage has dissapeared then I may as well give up! :frowning:

Can anyone explain to me what use the Hunter is when you get 100 packages, as its already available in the army base well before then?

Not much really. When you collect 100 packages, a 2nd Hunter appears at a helipad near the Pole Position Strip club. So basically you get 2 places to pick one up, the one near the PP is more convienent becuase you dont need the cop uniform.

You guys! I just started a new game yesterday. The first two things I did were the pizza delivery missions, and the ambulance missions. Why you ask?

Well, when you complete the Pizza Delivery missions, you get 150% Health. That comes in really handy!

When you complete the Ambulance missions, (not all that hard, actually if you pause the game, look at your map, and plan your route) you are rewarded with never getting tired when you run. Very nice indeed!


I week or so ago, I was trying to rush through and complete as much of the game as possible, using cheat codes, etc. I had completed almost all of the regular missions, but none of the special missions (ambulance, rampages, etc.) when I saved the game right after delivering my 3rd car from the list at my car dealership. I walked back out of the building, and thought it looked like Sunday morning. There were no cars anywhere. The whole map was a ghost town. The only way to get some interaction was to go into one of the clubs that I owned and shoot some of the dancers. Eventually that would get a police car to show up. I tried rampages to kill gang members. Nope, I just walked around for 2 minutes with a gun, and nobody to shoot at.

~sigh~ cheaters never prosper.


Oh yeah, plus there’s 40 packages that you can get on foot from the East Island. That’ll get you a suit of armor, a flame thrower, a .357 mag (Great Gun), and something else that I can’t remember. I’m just now getting ready to start my first mission at my attorney’s office.

Many of the cheat codes corrupt saved games on the PS2 version. You can never achieve 100% if you’ve used some of the codes, I’ve read.

Crusoe: cheat codes have no effect on whether you get 100% or not. The only thing that happens is that some of them can lower your criminal rating.

Another 100% completion here, but not without the help of Gamefaqs.

NYR407 - what are you supposed to do now? Buy a new game I guess. There’s nothing else to do beyond driving around and killing random people (except for repeating all the races if you feel like it).

I found the best way of playing, as long as you don’t mind using walkthroughs, is to play the missions up until the west island is open, then go through all of the packages, paramedic etc. missions, unique jumps, RC’s, helicopters and rampages to be sure you aren’t missing anything.

Do the ambulance missions at the big mall in the northeast corner of the map. No gangs, and few cars to deal with. Plus, many of your pickups will be on the beach, where you don’t have to worry about anything getting in the way. Just remember! Don’t be too hasty. That’s how you keep you ambulance in decent shape. It’s not really hard this way, just time consuming.

I thought the hardest part of the game was the death race in the arena.

Hmm, strange. Some of the FAQs I read mentioned that certain codes (the “cars float” being one) resulted in 100% being unattainable. Maybe they were early FAQs before anyone knew better. Ah well, I’m nowhere close anyway.

I’m on a new save file and I’m now at 98%. I need to do 100 drop offs in a taxi, and I think that should be it. I’ve read somewhere that you need to beat a certain score on the shootist mission to get 100%. Is that true, and if so what score do you have to beat? Of course, I already did the Shootist as part of the Malibu asset, but I heard you need to go back again and get a high score of some sort.

By the way, I found the hardest missions were Blood Ring and Ambulance. Also, I heard from several sources that cheats can prevent you getting 100% - don’t know if there is any truth in it though.