VideoGame players suck.

All they do is try to find the powerup so they can win the game. Who cares? Its rather redundant. Go do constructive like shoveling my driveway or glueing your hands together.

Kids have a snow day today, huh?

Is the power up a pie? I like pie.

SinfulDo you have any comments you didn’t steal directly from Cliff Yablonski?

He may have copied Cliffy, but it’s not all bad. He did manage to mash the words ‘video’ and ‘game’ into one oddly capitalized word. I say huzzahs are in order!

Damn 5-HT beat me to it… good ole Cliff, hope he updates again soon…

Sheesh… next on fox when thilly wannabe SA 4um kiddies have the day off…

Ooooh… powerups!

When come back, bring frags.

And reality game show players swallow.

[sub]Hey, somebody had to say it … [/sub]

Especially the ones on Joe Millionaire.

Welcome to the 2000’s, Sinful. Here’s a hint: It’s not 1985 anymore.

(“Powerups” ::snort::… what’s next, reference to Goombas?)

No, they slurp.

How did the kids manage to unlock the secret snowday?

Poor bastard, his princess is in another castle…

Or on a completely different system.

UR Not E

Hey, I do shovel driveways and glue my hands together! Is it really any different because I do those things in a game instead of real life?

Maybe he’s in the first or second place.

Yeah, on a crappy port to that different system so the castle is glitched.

Either that, or he’s missing his Poontang Powerup.

hehe he’s probably Donkey Kong’s bitch.

No. the pie makes you jump high.

He’s cranky because he realized that the ghosts come back after you eat them.