Viewing Hotmail in Outlook

I remember (sort of) reading that it was possible to view Hotmail accounts using Outlook, is this possible?

I wanted to go through my inbox and delete certain emails but keep others, being able to sort emails by name would be handy as I have so many since Hotmail expanded account sizes.

Yes it’s possible !
Open up Outlook Express click the Tools menu, then click “Accounts”

Click the Add button, and then “Mail”

Enter a display name (it can be whatever you like) and then click Next.

Then enter in your Hotmail email address and click Next. Make sure that your email server is HTTP, and your provider is Hotmail, and click Next.

Newt you’ll have to verify your email address and then enter your password. if you leave the password field blank, you will be prompted for it each time you check your hotmail account in Outlook.

Excellent, thanks very much. I’d no idea it was that simple :slight_smile:

It’s not so reliable, you’ll probably find. I get lots of timeouts when it tries to synch.

IIRC, Microsoft limited this feature to only older accounts. I’m not sure exactly what the date was, but sometime in the past year or so they made it so that new hotmail accounts were not able to be connected with Outlook.

Around the same time, Hotmail started acting very funky with Outlook. I have a hotmail account from many years ago, and always viewed it through Outlook. But when the change came about, suddenly Outlook complained incessently about not being able to access Hotmail. Then came the lockups - Outlook would simply lock until I rebooted, then when I rebooted it would lock up my computer for 5-10 minutes while it vainly attempted to reach Hotmail and verify that my Inbox wasn’t corrupted.

Once I removed hotmail from my list of accounts, Poof! everything works great again. So I just check hotmail from a browser nowadays.

I have a lot of emails from a certain woman I never want to be in contact with ever again, but unfortunately will have to. In the mean time I’d like to scrub my Hotmail account of her emails and the handiest way to do that would be to use Outlook to sort all my emails by name and then delete :slight_smile:

I tried this back at the house but Outlook 2000 only gives me IMAP and POP3 email accounts to use. Any ideas?

Yes, it only works with Outlook Express… not with Outlook. Hotmail has custom filters built into the web version. They are under the options link

It works with Outlook 2003.

Ah, Outlook Express does work, I just need a subscription to use it with Hotmail :smack:

Here’s another option