Vile, rank 'foodstuffs'

inspired by this pit thread:

What foodstuffs really should not be allowed to exist (or perhaps should by statute have to be labelled “this product is horrible, HORRIBLE! - do not be deceived into thinking that it resembles the ‘real’ thing in any way”.

To begin (and from the pit thread):

Pre-grated parmesan cheese
Parmesan cheese = nice, tangy, salty, flavoursome hard cheese that perfectly complements many mediterranean dishes.
Pre-grated parmesan (or worse: ‘parmesan style’) cheese = powdered vomit.

I can’t believe it’s not butter.

Has anyone ever felt like this upon tasting the congealed gloop? I can’t believe it’s not mucus might be more accurate.

Coffee whitener.


Compounded Chocolate.

(But are you saying that there are foods that you won’t eat, Mangetout? Kinda conflicts with your username. :))

Fat-free Philly cream-cheese.

Mmmm… spreadable chalk.

Oh, I’ve tried lots of things (in the true spirit of my username), but there are some foods where I won’t be first in line for a second helping.

I like pre-grated parmesan cheese. Especially the Kraft stuff. I pile it on top of my spaghetti.

But if we’re going to ban some stuff, how about something truly evil, like Margerine?

Well now, margarine is fine as long as you don’t try to kid yourself that it is butter - it has it’s uses, particularly in baking where butter is just too strongly flavoured and would dominate the taste.

Spray cheese.

Margarine (not the polyunsaturated stuff, the original stuff).

Cochineal (look it up; you won’t be happy).

Gluten-free soda bread. :barf:

jjimm - are you restricted to a gluten-free diet?

Tang. Mind you, it’s at least 25 years since I last tasted it, but it still makes me shudder.

I have IBS, and so I’ve experimented with various regimens to attempt to stop the symptoms (coz the quacks never managed). Gluten-free stuff tends to be absolutely disgusting. I’ve played around with rice flour and soy flour, but nothing comes close to real bread.

Thankfully I don’t suffer symptoms much any more since I discovered low-carb (and no longer eat bread in any large quantities).

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, or any packaged Mac and Cheese with powdered flavoring packs.

“Individually Wrapped, Pasteurized, Processed Cheese Food” Kraft, again, is a major supplier.

I believe one of the layers of Hell is named Kraft

Chewable children’s vitamins. The flavor and texture makes me barf. I used to tell my mom they made my stomach hurt, but she didn’t believe me 'til the day I barfed one back up, along with my breakfast.

I didn’t have to take vitamins again until I learned how to swallow a pill.

As is usual when the term ‘cheese food’ pops up, I must ask; does cheese really need to eat? - even if it did, would it choose to eat Kraft slices?

Only if it were particularly tasteless cheese - Edam maybe?

Fat-Free Mayonnaise. Really, what’s the point?

Also, Cool Whip.

The price of real parmesan cheese makes me dizzy, so there’s only the evil powdered stuff in my house. And we ususally get the romano-parmesan and it’s great with the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray that we also get.

We are a house of philistines, I know. :smiley:

And {B]Mangetout**, Even though I know it’s wrong (and I did take French in high school) I still read your username as “man-get-out”. I apologize for being so American. :wink:

We put the “cheese” and “butter” on popcorn (made from real kernels not the microwave bag kind). I left that out.

Happens all the time; don’t worry about it (the first time it was pointed out to me was in a chat room and I took huge offence, thinking that the other person was telling me to get lost).


I thought it was Man Get Out also. But I originally thought it was Mange Tout, and I don’t even have a clue as to what that would be. What is the correct pronunciation and meaning of your name? Not to hijack or anything.

I think all forms of the beet should be in violation of human rules of consumption. They just aren’t right.

And the Asians can knock it off with the deep-fried spiders, too. If I ever see one of THOSE stands at the state fair, I’m on the next plane outta here!

I love Macaroni & Cheese. Low-brow that I am.

Celery can die.

Those 10,000 year old eggs you get at Chinese New Year celebrations? Keep 'em.