Virus warning on Smartphones, appearing only on Straight Dope site: Bogus warning?

For the last few weeks, I have been getting a maddening picture appearing on the screen on my Samsung 5 Smartphone–only when I am on the Straight Dope site. It is a supposed Virus Warning, beginning with the word “Android” and showing a Pokémon-like figure with a rounded head. I got fed up with this when it showed up this morning, and noted the web address–us X .kovjcb3 X .pw (spaces and capital X’s added deliberately). I tried to fight this by adding some applications from Google Play Store. And I went to the AT&T service place where I got the phone; they said the Google applications won’t add to my bill and I might just as well avoid the site on the smartphone. Any suggestions?

Check the “About this message board” section: there’s a thread on it. It’s a bad ad issue there trying to pin down and eliminate. Your phone is fine though.

It’s probably malware in one of their ads. Subscribe to a membership or use an ad blocker like AdGuard:

How much does Adguard cost?

Prices are on their webpage. $10/year or free if you become a beta tester. AdGuard for Android beta test | AdGuard Forum

Or if you root your phone, you can use the free