Visiting New Orleans Aug 19-22. Any Dopers wanna get together?

It’s happening. My brother and his woman are finally making it legal, and getting hitched on August 20. As the groom’s sister and the maid-of-honor, I’m going to be flying to New Orleans to see the wedding and spend a day or two with the family before returning to Baltimore. Due to responsibilities elsewhere, alas, I don’t think Agent Foxtrot will be able to come with me, but that may change.

I should be in Louisiana/Mississippi from August 19-22. The 19th and 22nd are both free, though the hitchin’s going down on the 20th, so I’ll be busy that day for sure. Any Dopers wanna meet for lunch at Cafe du Monde? Or party on Bourbon Street? Or take a vampire tour of the cemeteries – I can show you Lestat’s tomb in Lafayette #1. I’m open for anything and I’d love to meet some fellow Southern Dopers!

supervenusfreak and I are going to miss you by about two weeks. We’re going down Labor Day weekend (I know, I know…Nawlins in September is Hell) for Southern Decadence.

I may be interested, but I’m not sure. That weekend will be the first weekend after school starts for me, so I shouldn’t have too many projects. By the same token, I think roomie is planning a party at the house for that weekend, and if that’s the case then I have to stay and help (not to mention the guests will be my friends).

Wow… now that I can have a car I can say “Maybe!” and not need a ride… Heh…

BTW, going grave sighting seems fun. I like it.

I’ve sent you an email, KarlGrenze, let me know how your schedule works out. Cemeteries in New Orleans are indeed lots of fun to visit, and I can also show you some of the haunted houses…!