Voldemort Actor Announced - Casting Spoilers, of course

According to E! Online Ralph Fiennes will play Voldemort and Miranda Richardson will play Rita Skeeter.


Cool. Miranda Richardson, often plays queens and witches. I’ve never disliked anything she’s been in (that I have seen)

Blackadder, Merlin, Sleepy Hollow…

Ralph Fiennes…huh…I was hoping for Mr. Bean.

Yeah, I was looking forward to Mr. Bean. He could really get into some nostril flaring evilness. At least if I started feeling attracted to him I could be appropriately disgusted with myself.

Ralph Fiennes is just too good looking. It’s bad enough I have naughty thoughts about Snape, must I lust after Voldemort, too?

One of the early choices was John Malkovich. I would have loved to have seen it. He had a wonderful villain-role in Shadow of the Vampire, and I could see playing Voldemort a little like that.

But Rowan Atkinson? I don’t think we need the Black Adder treatment for Voldemort, but you know? If Wormtail wasn’t already cast, I could see him there.

For anyone who’s interested, Goblet of Fire is already being filmed.

They skipped the scene with the Dursleys, but they are filming the Portkey scene as we speak, in Ashridge, England, near Berkhamsted. They filmed the first movie in chronological order, and if they’re filming this one the same time, that puts them about 10% of the way through the book

I can’t believe that they’re still making casting choices at this late date. Is that normal for big-budget films?

I also notice that Dobby’s voice isn’t credited anywhere, nor is Winky’s. Whither the house elves?


Sorry about doing that again – I’m out of the habit of signing Matt off.

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To each their own, I guess, but I’ve never understood the Snape obsession. More of a Remus Lupin, though I’m not usually attracted to guys with quite that much bodyhair :smiley:

Just hearing that Ralph Fiennes got the part I think that his involvement in Red Dragon must have had a part in it.

As for Rowan Atkinson playing Voldemort. He’s certainly got a look about him but this is the guy that played Blackadder and Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean for Og’s sake!!!

Mind you if you had Tony Robinson playing Wormtail, well that’s a whole different story.

Wormtail: “I’ve got a cunning plan, my Dark Lord.”

Where did you read this? That’s disappointing, I’ve always liked the scene where the Weasleys invade the Dursley’s living room. They’re at least going to do the Riddle House chapter, right?

I personally would be ecstatic if the elves were absent (or at least played very minor roles, since Dobby does have at least one important bit) in this movie. They’re probably the most irritating characters in the books, and Dobby didn’t exactly set the screen afire in CoS. Hopefully Rowling will kill 'em off in book six. :smiley:

Come to think of it, I hate Rita Skeeter too…

But whom do you favor for Delores Umbridge in OOTP?

Tracey Ullman.
Or possibly the “Weakest Link” hostess, provided she has any acting ability.
Nah, gotta go with Tracey Ullman.

I’d been hoping for Joanna Lumley as Rita, but I think I’d go with a nicely uglied-up Jennifer Saunders for Umbridge (since Miriam Margolyes is already occupied playing Professor Sprout). I’m actually very surprised neither one of them has shown up yet.

I would love to see Rowan Atkinson show up somewhere, but not as Voldemort. I can’t be afraid of Blackadder. Just won’t work. I’d accept him as Barty Crouch, I think. Which makes me want to see Stephen Fry as Bagman, now …

Tracey Ullman would be wicked for Umbitch :smiley: :smiley:

The only issue is she is lacking in the… rotund aspect…

I am think Patricia Routledge would make the PERFECT Dolores.

Jennifer Saunders would also be pretty good as well.

Check out the IMDB page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0330373/ I remember reading it there before, but cant find it now so I cant give a diect link, its definately there somewhere though!

Here’s the source. It’s a message board and the film crew was spotted.


I wanted to confirm the rumor before broadcasting it.

I can’t really see Rowan Atkinson as Barty Crouch (pere or fils), myself, but I could see him as Karkaroff.

Or, in Beanish mode, as Bozo, Rita Skeeter’s photographer.

Joanna Lumley was who I saw in the role as well (or Jodie Foster). I thought Jennifer Saunders would make a great Mrs. Weasley with either Jim Broadbent or Eric Idle as her husband. When I read OOTP I pictured several actresses as Umbridge but kept coming back to the very American Edie “He’s a righteous dude!” McClurg- I wonder if she can do an English accent?

Even if she could, Rowling has a guarantee that only British actors will play the roles of British characters. She’s adamant about that. And so far the only Americans I’ve come across anywhere in the novels were a group of people from the Salem Institute who attend the Quidditch World Cup.

For anyone who’s interested in reading a small part of the script, you can do it here (the site seems to have a lot of technical difficulties, though, and only loads for me once every three times or so).

The source is thwe Leaky Cauldron, which is reliable. They seem to have changed a fair bit – it’s all stuff dealing with the first task. Rita Skeeter plays a more direct role, and Crouch seems to have taken over some of Ludo Bagman’s part (I don’t think Bagman is in the film).