Mr. Bean to play Lord Voldemort?!?!

According to the IMDB Rowan Atkinson has signed to play He who must not be named in Goblet of Fire.

That’s an interesting choice.

That’s pretty cool. If I were in charge of casting he wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. I’ve got faith in them though, I think he’ll surprise people.

I personally think it’s a great choice.

You’ll never beat me Harry Potter! I have a cunning plan!!!


Atkinson apparently begged and begged for an audition; they relented, and were amazed to find he scared the hell out of everyone. He got the role the old fashioned way - proving himself at audition. You can’t argue with that.

The main issue I’d have with that is that I don’t really see the young Tom Riddle growing up to be Rowan Atkinson. Maybe he was so evil he had part of his chin removed?

maybe they’ll give im a chin extension…

Oh dear…

Not that Mr. Bean couldn’t work as Voldemort, but I seriously doubt he will…

“Mr. Bean?!” He is and always will be Edmund Blackadder.

Tsk. Too many people only know Atkinson from the awful Mr Bean and haven’t seen him act scarey.

Remember that Voldemort is so twisted and deformed that he is unrecognizable as Tom Riddle. So that opens up the casting considerably.

I wouldn’t have thought of Rowan Atkinson in a million years, but I’m more than willing to give him the chance. He is a genius, after all.

Rowan Atkinson is a brilliant actor. I bet he will scare the pants off of most of the audience and will have the perfect voice to boot.


Mercy! Mr. Bean?

I’m worried now. If I sit down in that movie theatre with my popcorn only to look at the screen and see Mr. Bean rather than the pure evil that is Voldemort… well I just hope he is able to scare everyone’s pants off…

This will be interesting to see. I actually think he will be able to pull it off convincingly.

Soooo, Rowan Atkinson is going to pull everyone’s pants off?

I’m willing to give him a chance.

This is…very, very intriguing. I can’t picture him as Voldemort at all. If he had gotten the role just based on connections or his famous name, I’d assume that he’d be horrible at it.

But he got the role on merit, apparently. Now I want to see this movie really bad, just to satisfy my curiousity.

What a fantastic choice!
I think he will be excellent.

When he was being evil in Blackadder, he was really good at it.
Would it be asking too much to have Tony Robinson as Peter Pettigrew? Or has that role been cast?

Now that I could see
“Master, I have a cunning plan…”

I can see him as being truly frightening- in an old Monty Python movie, he did some bits and he can get this… LOOK that is quite deranged.

I thought Rowan was up for Peter Perigrew actually. Interesting.

IMHO, when I first saw Brad Dourif in LOTR:TTT, I thought, “There’s your Peter Perigrew!”