Wait....people develop characters here?

A post in this thread(I do not endorse the OP lol).

Now I understand gag accounts, BigBustyNurse who posts about nothing but sexual hospital shenanigans is a gag…probably.

And obvious trolls or outlandish crap, the 103 year old, someone posting by blinking, I don’t even take those seriously.

But the idea that not only are people here developing more subtle characters, but growing them like a garden, and it is well known and accepted by all and I didn’t know about it leaves me uneasy. It feels I dunno…offputting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for not endorsing me. :dubious:

But really, I think the “character” was only for that one thread. Otherwise, I think people’s “characters” are generally pretty much like their own selves.

We have poster called BigBustyNurse?! :eek:

I am completely made up. By whom? I’m not allowed to know.

Well we might now.

So Blinky aint real?? :frowning:

Give credit where credit is due, though. I speak, of course, of Curtis LeMay / Qin who joined as a bombastic and shallow youth and is maturing nicely.

I hope I’m not missing a joke or misunderstanding, but I think it’s a big no-no to have multiple accounts here under different names.

Well, I could get a username change if you insist. But I probably won’t. :wink:
(I am, however, big, busty and a nurse.)

Why not?

See? It just fits too well…either people are asking me why not, or I’m asking the world why not! :smiley:

I remember a pretend Englishman who used to post on here .

Unfortunately he got his English slangs mixed up, and used words that we’d never do even though we understand what Americans mean when they use them .

For example due to films and tv you’ll hear people say Guys, or French Fries, but anyone who said vacation or sidewalk would be laughed at mercillisly .

I don’t think anyone’ shown that. Some people just doubt based on how extraordinary his situation is.

Aren’t we all a little angrier than we probably are in real life?

I am a nicer person here than I am in real life.
If that is ‘developing’ a character, then I suppose I am guilty as charged.

Neither are you dude. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

But it is right in his name. Ambivalid. If he isn’t real then who is?!?!?

Gender is often hard to guess on this board.

I’ve wondered if some posters leave it ambiguous on purpose.

Yeah it is right in his name, but the first part is ‘ambivalent’. So even he is ambivalent about whether he is in fact valid.

Whoa. I just blew my own mind.

You found me out … I am not really a cartoon coyote nor have I ever had any dealings with a company called ACME.

cries and runs out of thread