Waiting to find out if it's curtains for my cat

Blood tests are off to the lab. He’s an old geezer, 19 or 20 years old - we aren’t sure because he was full grown when he came to us almost 17 years ago and the vet then thought he was two or three years old.

He’s been through a couple health issues; a year of battling stomatitis, followed by hyperthyroidism, but mostly has had a pretty good life. A little more than two years ago the vet told us his kidneys were going bad and he might not live much longer, but other than getting a little thinner and a lot deafer he’s been perfectly fine.

Sunday he was acting fine, but in the evening (it is always Sunday evenings, isn’t it?) he started throwing up, then had an attack of bloody, mucousy diarrhea. I kept an eye on him and he seemed better Monday morning, but off his feed. When I came home the water bowls were full and the cat box was empty, so now he was off water. He seemed pretty shut down but not in distress so I thought I would just let him slip away in his own time.

At four this morning he woke me up loudly requesting attention. A glance at the catbox showed me his systems were back on line and he seemed much his cranky old guy self. He ate a couple bites of breakfast - not enough to make me happy but something - and off we went to the vet.

I have a great vet. She’s been working with Milo since he developed stomatitis several years before and has been great with my other cats as well. I was very pleased she was in. She took blood, gave him fluids and an anti-diarrhea medicine, and told me she would call me tomorrow to let me know if this was his systems shitting down or something treatable. So here’s hoping. We both know no drastic measures are in order at his age. I’d like him to stick around - even with the other cats it will be terribly lonely since he has always been the one to greet me at the door when I get home, get on my lap as soon as I sit down, and yell when he wants attention. The others are much quieter and don’t seem to take up nearly as much space as Milo.

So, I’ll know sometime tomorrow. Right now I have to pretend to concentrate on work and try not to dread what I might find when I get home tonight. It would be easier if my husband were not gone for two months - this is the first time I’ve had one of our critters go when he was not home.

I’m hoping for the best possible outcome for Milo and wishing you strength and healing if it turns out that the best for him is to go now. Sounds like he’s had a good and happy life with you- thanks for that.

Keeping good thoughts for you and Milo. If it’s his time to go, I wish both of you peace and strength. It’s never easy lose them even when they’re getting older, but it sounds like he had a lovely life with you.

Hang in there. Scritches all around …

Poor kitty! :3 /crosses fingers

I just had a dream last night about my Zeusie, who died right around the same age. He was quite the raunchy old feller in spite of his decrepitude, and treated my sister’s other cats like his personal harem. And he was neutered as a kitten! weirdo :slight_smile: But he was such a sweetie to people. The ultimate lap cat. :frowning:

You must decide for Milo based on what your vet tells you, of course. But I just came in to say, I feel for you, and your kitty.

Bloody mucusy diarrhea looks scary, but as cats get older, they might just have clogged anal glands. I’m not saying your vet hasn’t already checked this, but it’s a thought.

Thanks all. I hate waiting and yes, I am prepared to let him go in his own time. At least I have complete trust in this particular vet to give me all the info I need to make the right decision. The first day I moved into this house my diabetic cat’s kidneys crashed - I met the vet before I got the key to my house. She was very good with Rocky - kept her overnight and did what they could - and very clear with us about the situation. She told us that if Rocky were a person she would not even be in line for a transplant but would be headed for a hospice and drugs. She treated Milo through his stomatitis, did his successful thyroid surgery, and helped give him many more years of happy life than we thought he would have.

I’ll be heading home soon - not sure what I’ll find. Hoping for the best but feeling pretty prepared for the worst.

I’m sending my best wishes to you, and to Milo.

Aw, poor Milo and Mrs. Cake. I hope things work out for the best.

Well, much to the surprise of my vet, Milo’s kidneys are hanging in there - he has a respiratory infection that has put him off his feed. We knew his breathing was a little rough but thought that was another symptom of the kidney failure.

I’m off in a couple minutes to get him an antibiotic shot and the nice vet tech will help me get a little food into him, and with luck and care he should come through this okay. Not out of the woods yet, but not the death sentence we were anticipating.

Thanks for everyone’s good thoughts. Last cat I had to syringe-feed by myself was only 7 ounces - this should be an interesting challenge.

Oh, almost forgot the obligatory picture: Milo is the white & butterscotch, the B&W is Nijel the Destroyer


Aww, sweet kitties! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear Milo is hangin’ in there!

Yay, Milo!! Cute kitties.

I’m so glad to hear the good, (well, better than expected) news!

Antibiotic shot accomplished. First syringe feed sort of accomplished, in that he got about half in his stomach (may it stay there) and I am wearing the other half. Vet techs stood by and gave helpful advice, but basically it will be a battle until he is feeding himself again. One of the techs said “he certainly has a lot of fight in him”. Wrap him in a towel? Ha ha.

Here’s hoping he starts eating by himself very soon, which he might do just to avoid the force-feeding.

d’awww handsome kittehs!

Hope all goes well with Milo xx