Want me to kill that thread for ya?

It’ll only cost one dolla. I seem to be good at it; all I have to do is post. :stuck_out_tongue:
And I do like to go with my strengths.

Anybody else share this talent?

Pssst: I think you just killed this one.

Another Doper and I once killed a thread, but it was a thread I didn’t like and it was going in a direction I didn’t like, so I’m glad it died.

I killed a thread in Reno once. Just to watch it die.

I do it all the time but I like to think that it’s because I made such a good point that there was no need for any further posts.

Hola Becky2844!
I seem to be good at it, also. I once thought about changing my username to ThreadKiller. I just resolve that I am a newbie here, and ain’t passed the audition, yet. If I survive 10 years on this MB, maybe then I will get some respect. But, who knows, it is a tuff group. Might take longer. In any case, it is entertaining. There are some smart a$$holes. And I have learned a bunch. Mainly, lurk more, post less.

The name is Snip. Thread Snip.

Longevity doesn’t guarantee respect. It just means you haven’t had a meltdown that led to banning; I’m still here, after all, with only one official warning in 11 years for telling someone in GD that he was full of shit (and it was BULLSHIT, BY GOD!).

I haven’t made a huge number of posts, but I’ve killed a few threads. Please, somebody else post after this!

I find it most effective to kill several key thread simultaneously, one of which I first kiss and say "you broke my heart Where’s a good burger joint in Camden?, you broke my heart?

Was contemplating “Idgie Threadkiller” myself.

I sometimes consider starting a thread asking what I am doing wrong, but of course there would be no replies.

I saw this thread just after Becky posted it. I wanted to reply “Wouldn’t it be funny if this thread got no replies?”…but that would have ruined it. :frowning:

I’ve killed more threads than Cecil B. DeMille.


Let us know when you can stop a 10 page train wreck in the Pit with fewer than 10 words.

Then we can discuss your “thread killing” abilities.


I’ve killed a few in my day.:eek:

I thought it was just me. Cool!

I think I might kill threads…

You people are amateurs. I’m the coffin nail for threads.


Kill a thread? Hah! Talk to me when you start a threadthat’s Dead on Arrival!